Editorial: Fifteen years of Gamma Knife surgery for trigeminal neuralgia in the Journal of Neurosurgery: history of a revolution in functional neurosurgery


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Reappraisal of a Dated Idea

In 1994 the Leksell Gamma Knife Society, under the presidency of Prof. Kintomo Takakura, held its meeting in Kyoto, Japan. I presented 5 cases of trigeminal neuralgia that had been successfully treated using the Gamma Knife at a dose of 90 Gy and an anterior cisternal target (retrogasserian target).27 My presentation was very well attended and raised a great deal of interest because of its “novelty”! In fact, 37 years earlier, the first radiosurgical procedure in a human had been performed by Lars Leksell to treat trigeminal neuralgia by targeting the gasserian ganglion

Abbreviations used in this paper:DREZ = dorsal root entry zone; GKS = Gamma Knife surgery; JNS = Journal of Neurosurgery; MVD = microvascular decompression.

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    Line graph showing the total number of patients treated for trigeminal neuralgia worldwide using GKS.

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    Bar graph displaying the number of papers published annually reporting on radiosurgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia stratified by the main techniques (data obtained from a PubMed search).

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