Transfer of the teres minor motor branch for triceps reinnervation in tetraplegia

Case report

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In a case involving tetraplegia and paralysis of elbow extension, the authors transferred teres minor branches to the nerve of the triceps long head. Surgery was performed bilaterally 9 months after the patient sustained a spinal cord injury. Fourteen months postoperatively, elbow extension was complete (British Medical Research Council Score M4). Harvesting of the teres minor motor branch produced no deficits in shoulder function. In patients with tetraplegia, nerve transfer seems to be a promising new alternative for elbow extension reconstruction.

Abbreviations used in this paper: BMRC = British Medical Research Council; EMG = electromyography; SCI = spinal cord injury.

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    Skin incision in the axillary region for transfer of the teres minor motor branch to the triceps long head motor branch.

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    Intraoperative view of the transfer of the teres minor (TM) motor branch to the triceps long (TL) head motor branch. Note the adequate diameter matching between the nerve stumps. Also, observe that coaptation is tension free. Ax = axillary nerve; IB = intercostobrachial nerve; LD = latissimus dorsi tendon; RN = radial nerve; TMa = teres major.

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    Schematic representation of the surgical procedure. Arrowhead indicates the coaptation site of the teres minor motor branch with the triceps long head motor branch.

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    Results of elbow extension reconstruction on the left side 14 months after surgery.


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