Solitary thoracic vertebral body cysticercosis presenting with progressive compressive myelopathy

Case report

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Common bony spinal pathologies that could present with progressive spasticity include vertebral body tumors or chronic infections of the spine. Cysticercosis of the spine commonly has an intramedullary occurrence. The authors discuss the presentation and management of a rare case of solitary vertebral cysticercosis that presented with lower-limb spasticity and sphincter involvement.

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    A: Axial T2-weighted image showing lesion with mixed signal intensity; there is no enhancement on axial image after contrast administration (B). C: Sagittal T2-weighted image showing the extradural lesion compressing the dural sac. D: Sagittal image demonstrating involvement of adjacent disc spaces without contrast enhancement.

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    Upper and Lower: Axial and sagittal CT bone window images showing destruction of T-5 vertebral body.

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    A: Photograph of resected specimen showing grapelike appearance. B and C: Paraffin sections demonstrating cysts interspersed in fibrous tissue, cysticercal scolex with rostellum bearing hooklets (curved arrow), and 3 layers with outermost cuticular layer (straight arrow). H & E, magnification ×100 (B) and ×400 (C).

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    Upper: Postoperative sagittal CT image obtained with bone window showing cage in situ at 6-month follow-up. Lower: Anteroposterior radiograph obtained at 1-year follow-up.



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