Quantitative evaluation of the anatomical parameters for subaxial cervical spondylectomy: an anatomical study

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The object of this investigation was to conduct a morphometric study in cadavers to determine anatomical structures, their relationships, and their morphometry for subaxial cervical spondylectomy.


Forty sides of 20 cadavers were used for this study. Dissections were performed in 2 stages (anteriorly and posteriorly). Twenty-one morphometric measurements were performed for both sides of the C3–6 vertebrae. Data were analyzed statistically.


Morphometry of the laminas, tuberculum posterius, pedicle, corpus, foramen transversarium, and processus costalis were measured.


Detailed quantitative anatomical knowledge for operations requiring wide dissection and resection, such as cervical spondylectomy, lowers the morbidity rate.

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    Images of the cadaveric specimen showing some of the parameters measured in C3–6 vertebrae. A: 1 = length of the lamina archus vertebrae; 2 = height of the lamina archus vertebrae; 3 = width of the massa lateralis; 4 = distance from midline to the massa lateralis. B: 5 = depth of the tuberculum posterius; 6 = emergence angle of the tuberculum posterius from the massa lateralis posterior. C: Parameter 7 = emergence pattern of the tuberculum posterius (1–3). D: 8 = width of the tuberculum posterius; 9 = height of the tuberculum posterius. E: 10 = thinnest diameter of the pedicle; 11 = length of the pedicle.

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    Images of the cadaveric specimen showing additional parameters measured in C3–6 vertebrae. A: 13 = depth of processus costalis; 14 = width of the processus costalis; 16 = thickness of the processus costalis. B: 14 = width of the processus costalis; 15 = height of the processus costalis; 17 = distance between the upper and lower borders of the vertebrae at the anterior side. C: 14 = width of the processus costalis; 15 = height of the processus costalis; 18 = distance between the upper and lower processus costalis. D: 20 = distance between the pedicle and the lower face of the corpus vertebra. E: 19 = distance between the medial walls of the foramen transversarium. F: 21 = distance between the pedicle and the upper face of the corpus vertebra.


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