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Alexandra Cutillo, Kathrin Zimmerman, Susan Davies, Avi Madan-Swain, Wendy Landier, Anastasia Arynchyna, and Brandon G. Rocque

for posttraumatic stress symptoms, 4 and previous studies have suggested that the most stressful aspect of having a child with cancer is related to caregivers’ inability to control the experience, especially in regard to their child’s pain and survival. 5 Clear communication between parents and the medical team is an essential part of minimizing stress associated with their child’s hospitalization and subsequent treatment for a brain tumor. Previous studies have shown that good communication with the medical team is a predictor of healthcare satisfaction, and that

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Marin F. Stančić, Nijaz Burgić, and Vladimir Mićović

Marinacci communication was found during a surgical procedure and later confirmed on electrophysiological studies. Case Report This 36-year-old man presented with sensations of pain, tingling, and numbness from his thumb to the radial half of the ring finger on his right hand. Physical examination showed hypesthesia to 256-Hz tuning fork vibrations on the aforementioned fingers, and two-point discrimination was normal. Motor strength in all the muscles in his hand was measured as M5/5. Three months before presentation the patient had sustained a right-sided Colles

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Roee Ber, Dennis London, Samya Senan, Yasmin Youssefi, David H. Harter, John G. Golfinos, and Donato Pacione

O ver the last decade, safety and quality practices from the world of aviation have been increasingly adapted to the world of surgery. Numerous studies have shown promising results in improving patient outcomes and reducing costs with “aviation-like” workflows. 1 In particular, any intervention that improves team communication and coordination often shows positive value that may extend beyond the scope of the direct discussion enabled by this communication. However, given the already limited time surgeons and surgical teams have to communicate, and the

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Zdeněk Kunc and Jiří Bret

located almost exclusively in the upper cervical part of the artery. In eight cases the vertebral artery connected with the vertebral vein, in one case with the epidural venous plexus, 12 and in one case with the internal jugular vein. Seven patients underwent surgical treatment, and three were not treated; 8, 12, 21 in two of them the fistula closed spontaneously in the course of time. 8, 12 Our observation of arteriovenous communication of the vertebral artery with the subclavian vein by means of an anomalous vessel is in itself unique and it is also rather

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Neurosurgical Forum: Letters to the Editor To The Editor Tomas Menovsky , M.D., Ph.D. Johannes R. M. Cruysberg , M.D., Ph.D. Jacobus J. van Overbeeke , M.D., Ph.D. University Hospital Nijmegen St. Radboud Nijmegen, The Netherlands 721 722 We read with great interest the paper by Frisén and colleagues (Frisén L, von Essen C, Roos A: Surgically created fourth-third cranial nerve communication: temporary success in a child with bilateral third nerve hamartomas. Case report. J Neurosurg 90: 542–545, March, 1999). The authors are to be congratulated for

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Hector E. James, Luis Schut, and Patrick P. Pasquariello

from C-2 through T-12 ( Fig. 1 right ). Air myelography and pneumoencephalography were then performed with a total exchange of CSF; the study was performed with the patient first sitting and subsequently lying down. The fourth ventricle was well filled with air which also entered the hydromyelia cavity forming with the Pantopaque a double contrast outline; segmentation of the cavity was evident ( Fig. 2 ). Fig. 1. Left: A communication is demonstrated by the thin streak of Pantopaque between the fourth ventricle and the hydromyelic cavity ( arrow

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Wei Zhang, Joseph A. DeMattia, Hua Song, and William T. Couldwell

malignant glioma cells and endothelial cells may be one mechanism by which angiogenesis is stimulated. The inhibition of intercellular communication prevents endothelial cell migration and the formation of vascular networks. 1 Recently, we demonstrated that gap junctions form readily between malignant glioma cells and astrocytes, resulting in a change in the astrocytic phenotype. 22 We sought to determine whether there is direct communication through gap junctions between VECs and glioma cells. We also examined the effect of this gap junction formation by measuring the

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Christine Park, Rasheedat T. Zakare-Fagbamila, Wes Dickson, Alessandra N. Garcia, and Oren N. Gottfried

to report HCAHPS findings, which are used as a proxy for the quality of hospitals to calculate Medicare reimbursements and compensations. 4 , 5 Although there are financial incentives that directly affect the neurosurgeon, the 31 survey items cover a broad range of domains including OHR, communication with doctors (“Doctor”) and nurses (“Nursing”), medications (“Medication”), discharge education (“Discharge”), hospital environment (“Environment”), pain management (“Pain”), and responsiveness to needs (“Responsiveness”). 6 Because there are many other

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Lars Frisén, Claes von Essen, and Arne Roos

became conspicuous. Approximately 1 week later, there was a complete third nerve paralysis on the right side, including the pupil. Otherwise, the patient's health appeared to be excellent. Fig. 1. Photographs of the patient made from videotapes (age of patient [in months] shown in inset ) demonstrating evolution of the bilateral third nerve paralyses. Lower right panel shows the result of the surgically created fourth—third nerve communication 4 months postsurgery. Examination Examination at county hospitals was protracted, but ultimately revealed a rounded lesion

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Joseph Domino, Connie McGovern, Kate W. C. Chang, Noelle E. Carlozzi, and Lynda J. S. Yang

, higher scores indicate more of a given construct; therefore, higher scores for depression, anxiety, and anger indicate poorer functioning. On the contrary, higher scores for upper extremity function, mobility, and peer relationships indicate better functioning. † Parameters fall out of significance when data are restricted to an age ≥ 5 years. Discussion Physician-Patient Communication Matters In the United Kingdom National Health Service, claims made for perinatal injury or death account for 60%–70% of yearly malpractice sums paid. 6 This observation