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Extradural Spinal Cyst

A Case Report

Hannibal Hamlin, Richard W. Garrity and James B. Golden

, might develop into meningocele-like reservoirs which would tend to decompress the cord. Fig. 2. Gross appearance of extradural spinal cyst at operation Fig. 3. Photomicrograph of cyst showing resemblance to dura. Although the exact frequency is unknown, a random summation of 5 large series comprising lesions of the spinal cord or its coverings, exclusive of herniated discs, revealed only 2 extradural cysts. During the war years 1940–1945, there was not a single case reported from the hospitals serving the Navy, Marine Corps, and all

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Cyst Henry G. Decker Kenneth E. Livingston May 1949 6 3 248 250 10.3171/jns.1949.6.3.0248 Spinal Extradural Cyst Captain Courtland H. Davis Jr. May 1949 6 3 251 254 10.3171/jns.1949.6.3.0251 Actinomycotic Brain Abscess Richard C. Schneider Robert W. Rand May 1949 6 3 255 259 10.3171/jns.1949.6.3.0255 Extradural Spinal Cyst Hannibal Hamlin Comdr. Richard W. Garrity Lieut. James B. Golden May 1949 6 3 260 263 10.3171/jns.1949.6.3.0260 A New Type of Cervical Brace Charles Spicer

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Burton L. Wise and Jacob J. Foster

– 56 . Good , C. A., Adson , A. W., and Abbott , K. H. Spinal extradural cyst (diverticulum of spinal arachnoid). Report of a case. Amer. J. Roentgenol. , 1944, 52: 53–56. 11. Gros , E. Über eine kongenitale extradurale Rückenmarkscyste. Dtsch. Z. Chir. , 1942 , 255 : 373 – 375 . Gros , E. Über eine kongenitale extradurale Rückenmarkscyste. Dtsch. Z. Chir. , 1942, 255: 373–375. 12. Hamlin , H. Garrity , R. W. , and Golden , J. B. Extradural spinal cyst. A case report

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Ascending Spinal Paralysis

Case Presentation

L. W. Freeman

along the cephalad line of least resistance. Certainly there would be no accurate means of ascertaining this without operation. The mere fact that surgical evacuation of a collection of fluid within the spinal canal with proper provisions for its continued drainage has resulted in the complete return of all function lost in the gradual progression indicates that the diagnosis and surgical therapy were correct. SUMMARY A case is presented to illustrate the potential of traumatic spinal cystic cavitation to produce signs of progression of symptomatology which

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Cervical Arachnoidal Cyst

Report of a 6-Year-Old Negro Male with Recovery from Quadriplegia

George T. Hoffmann

found 1 case of arachnoidal cyst. Of their 99 cases there were 16 in which roentgenograms of the spinal column were normal. COMMENT Wise and Foster 9 reviewed the literature on congenital extradural spinal cysts of nontraumatic origin and considered them to be one of the rarest of intraspinal lesions. It would appear that true, simple, uncomplicated, intradural extramedullar arachnoidal cysts of the spinal cord are even more rare. REFERENCES 1. Dodge , H. W. , Jr. , Keith , H. M. , and Campagna , M. J

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Robert M. Weiss, Lawrence Sweeney and Martin Dreyfuss

. , 1953, 10: 145–153. 11. Spiller , W. G. , Musser , J. H. , and Martin , E. A case of intradural spinal cyst, with operation and recovery. Univ. Penn. med. Bull. , 1903 , 16 : 27 – 31 ; 56–60 . Spiller , W. G., Musser , J. H., and Martin , E. A case of intradural spinal cyst, with operation and recovery. Univ. Penn. med. Bull. , 1903, 16: 27–31; 56–60. 12. Stookey , B. Adhesive spinal arachnoiditis simulating spinal cord tumor. Arch. Neurol. Psychiat., Chicago

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William B. Scoville, Jesus S. Manlapaz, Richard D. Otis and Fernando Cabieses

Congenital intradural cysts of the spine, derived from the embryonic endodermal layer, are extremely rare, and a brief review of the literature elicits no surgical recoveries. It seems fitting therefore to render a report of the surgical removal of an enterogenous intradural cyst resulting in clinical recovery. Embryology . Such enterogenous cysts are lined with a single layer of embryonic endodermal cuboidal cells and are completely transparent, being filled with a clear, colorless and watery fluid. But the majority of congenital spinal cysts are derived

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M.D. Giulio Morello and M.D. Guido Lombardi

that the cyst of the 3rd ventricle was removed completely. The other is that the microscopical aspect of the spinal cysts, composed of a connective membrane lined with epithelium, showed no malignant feature that could suggest that they were of metastatic origin. It would seem more reasonable to suppose that both the cyst of the 3rd ventricle and those of the spinal roots developed independently of one another in consequence of a diffuse developmental error. The cutaneous stigmata similar to those of von Recklinghausen's disease and the multiplicity of the cysts

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Joseph F. Dorsey and Joseph Tabrisky

spinal cysts, is confusing. This is because these lesions have been reported under many headings, such as, teratoma, 2, 12, gastrocystoma, 7 neuro-enteric cysts, 10 enterogenous cysts, 5, 13 and foregut mediastinal cysts. 3 According to Olenik and Tandatnick, 11 “All of these cysts are derived from the foregut, at or near the region of the lung buds.” Veeneklaas believes that the primary disturbance involves both the spine and foregut when their cells still adhere to each other. 15 For an unknown reason, the notochord and the foregut fail to separate in the

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J. Grafton Love and Richard A. Olafson

the spinal cyst was found to be collapsed. The initial procedure in 1 patient had been simple drainage of a thoracic cyst; and the second patient had had a tantalum-wire syringostomy for a cervical syrinx previously. Results of Surgical Treatment Results of surgical therapy were classified as excellent, good, or poor. Results were considered excellent when detailed examination revealed definite objective improvement in neurological status and when subjective improvement was noted by the patients themselves. Results were considered good when the neurological