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Tomasz Matys, Tariq Ali, Fulvio Zaccagna, Damiano G. Barone, Ramez W. Kirollos and Tarik F. Massoud

, extending from the root of the LPP to the infratemporal surface of the greater wing of sphenoid (ala magna) anterolateral to the foramen spinosum. It courses lateral to the FO and anterolateral to the spine of the sphenoid. 19 , 25 The pterygospinous ligament of Civinini is formed by the upper border of the medial interpterygoid aponeurosis, extending from the spine of Civinini near the middle of the LPP to the spine of the sphenoid bone medial to the foramen spinosum. 19 Hence, the pterygospinous ligament is more distant from the skull base, attaches more posteriorly

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Adel Elnashar, Smruti K. Patel, Almaz Kurbanov, Kseniya Zvereva, Jeffrey T. Keller and Andrew W. Grande

performance of a percutaneous stereotactic radiofrequency rhizotomy (PSR) in a safe and efficient manner. This includes a clear understanding of the FO—its various shapes, anatomical variations, adjacent foramina, potential bony obstacles, and importantly, the decreased surface area in the opening of the FO during surgical positioning. Knowledge of the relationship between various anatomical structures (e.g., lateral pterygoid plate [LPP], foramen lacerum, and pterygoalar or pterygospinous ligaments of the FO) in the surgical view and ossification of these structures is