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with their lives is sometimes inevitable. The Army's sole purpose is to purchase that peace at the least possible cost so far as human lives are the medium of exchange. Victory now appears certain, albeit remote. But the price of victory looms large. This great hospital, like the man for whom it is named, will strive to reduce that price. Every man and woman on its staff will have that end in mind; every man and woman will be dedicated to soothing the wounded, to mending their bodies and their minds, to sending them back into a world grown young and green again

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James W. Watts and Walter Freeman

making ink drawings on linen as I used to be.” In July 1943, he reported that he is still employed in the same position, working 54 hours a week. He had just completed the design of a rather intricate machine which would cost several thousand dollars to make. Comment . Having been freed of nervous tension, this man turned his attention from his Eustachian tube to tool designing, in which he is employing his abilities, not only with energy but also imagination. The cutting off of his ideas concerning himself has favored a change from a destructive imagination to a

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Henry C. Dahleen

of the suction tip because it is felt that in this way the swivel can be attached to any piece of suction apparatus and also the cost will be far less than if the joint were an integral part of the suction tip. * This swivel will facilitate the use of any suction device, will prevent the kinking and unruly behavior of the stiff rubber suction tubing and will be found especially useful in neurosurgery, plastic surgery, and ear, nose and throat work. * At present the instrument cannot be purchased from any manufacturer, but the swivel connection could be

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John S. Chaffee

fracture dislocation at the midthoracic spine remained in the prone position on the split mattress bed for 10 months without the development of an ulcer on the anterior surface of his body. He left this position only for brief intervals on alternate days when he was placed on his side for attention to his catheter. In explanation, it might be conjectured that there are fewer bony prominences anteriorly. The costal cage is in a constant state of movement and the pubis is suspended in the space formed by the split in the mattress. Thus, only the anterior superior spine of

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Theodore Rasmussen and Walter J. Farr

pupillary reaction to light. Examination of the cardiovascular system showed a definite tracheal tug, a harsh systolic murmur over the entire precordium, left axilla, left interscapular area and right subclavicular region, and a softer diastolic murmur over the 2nd right interspace at the sternal border. The blood pressure was 130/40 in each arm. There was a characteristic Corrigan pulse but no exaggeration of the capillary pulse was visible. The spleen was moderately enlarged; the liver was at the costal margin and was not tender. There were a few rales over the base of

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Michael Scott and Henry T. Wycis

D uring the past war many articles 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 were published on the use of tantalum for cranioplasty. To date the results have been satisfactory. However, the writers believed that it might be worth while to investigate the use of stainless steel in animal and human cranioplasties since the material has been used successfully for many years in various parts of the body. It is easily shaped and cut at the operating table, and its present cost is 1/290th of tantalum. The use of stainless steel as suture material was first introduced by Babcock

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Anterior Rhizotomy

The Accurate Identification of Motor Roots at the Lower End of the Spinal Cord

I. B. Macdonald, K. G. McKenzie and E. H. Botterell

this clipped root in relation to the ribs and vertebrae. A pre-operative x-ray film to rule out vertebral or costal anomalies would be an additional precaution to insure accuracy. The necessary number of roots to be cut in the upper part of the exposure can then be counted, as the roots in this region are spaced sufficiently far apart to render this procedure easy. To gain adequate exposure for the sectioning of the tenth thoracic root to the first sacral, it is necessary to remove the spines and laminae from the tenth thoracic vertebra to the second lumbar

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Ward C. Halstead

. The originals are printed on 8½ × 11 inch forms. The gray areas, indicating extirpated areas, were prepared by applying No. 64 Zip-a-tone † engraving screen material directly to each brain diagram. Fig. 1. Sample brain-lesion chart for left orientation. A hypothetical left prefrontal lobectomy is represented diagrammatically in three dimensions by the shaded areas. The charts are available at cost from The University of Chicago Press, Chicago 37, Illinois, for either a right-sided or left-sided orientation. Each chart provides four basic

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Robert C. Pendergrass, A. Earl Walker and John P. Bond

anesthetized with intravenous sodium pentothal. A semi-circular incision was made starting at the midline in the region of the 11th dorsal spine, carried laterally on the left side along the costal margin to the posterior axillary line and then downward to the crest of the ilium and hence along it to the spine of the 1st sacral vertebra. The lumbodorsal fascia was exposed. The sacrospinalis muscles were retracted medially to bring into view a thin-walled sac. An attempt was made to separate the sac from the overlying muscle tissue but it was impossible to do so near the neck

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John F. Fulton

in the New York papers, the book would have cost ten dollars instead of five, and I should prefer medical students to have it, rather than the general public, if a choice has to be made. Working with R. F. Gehner, the chief designer of the Banta Company, has been particularly pleasant. He has not objected to all the small sketches from H.C.'s notebooks which had to be put in as work-arounds—the bane of a compositor's existence. He also designed the attractive jacket and for the most part phrased the blurbs. Everything seems to be in good order except what he had