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Chuan-Fu Huang, Shyh-Ying Chiou, Ming-Fang Wu, Hsien-Tang Tu, Wen-Shan Liu and Jim-Chao Chuang

), and the mean margin dose delivered to these lesions was 15.5 Gy (range 12–20 Gy). For some patients with marked perifocal edema, corticosteroid drugs were administered perioperatively by injection and later by oral intake. Apparent Diffusion Coefficients For MR imaging measurements, we used a Sigma Horizon (Echo Speed, 1.5-tesla EPI system; General Electric, WI) with a bird-cage head coil and a shielded gradient coil. The imaging parameters were as follows: TE = 95 msec; TR = 10,000 msec; matrix size = 128 × 128; field of view = 300 mm; slice thickness = 5

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Chun-Chao Chuang, Cheng-Siu Chang, Yu-Sheng Tyan, Keh-Shih Chuang, Hsien-Tang Tu and Chuan-Fu Huang

determine tumor location. The GammaPlan dose-planning system (Elekta) was used to determine dosimetry with multiple isocenters. In this study the mean tumor volume was 8.2 cm 3 (range 1–24 cm 3 ), and the mean tumor margin dose was 12 Gy (range 11–13 Gy). Apparent Diffusion Coefficients Magnetic resonance images were obtained in all patients by using a 1.5-T scanner (Signa Horizon LX2, GE Medical Systems). The manufacturer-supplied birdcage 8-channel neurovascular coil was used to detect signals during conventional MR and DW imaging. The DW imaging parameters were

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Ping Zheng, Bin He, Yijun Guo, Jingsong Zeng and Wusong Tong

in MRI, such as diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI), have enabled early and noninvasive detection of microstructural brain damage. Using DWI, pituitary infarction may be diagnosed by the presence of restricted water diffusion. Nevertheless, the relationship between these characteristics in the pituitary and the hormone-secretion status of patients, especially TBI patients, remains unknown. In the present study, we calculated the mean apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values in our assessment of pituitary microstructure and examined the role of ADC in predicting

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Toshihiko Kuroiwa, Tsukasa Nagaoka, Masato Ueki, Ichiro Yamada, Naoyuki Miyasaka, Hideaki Akimoto, Shizuko Ichinose, Riki Okeda and Kimiyoshi Hirakawa

–311, 1976 2. Ding S , Weaver JB , Dunn JF : Gradient strength, extracellular volume and the apparent diffusion coefficient measured by MR. Proc Int Soc Magn Reson Med 3 : 1697 , 1997 Ding S, Weaver JB, Dunn JF: Gradient strength, extracellular volume and the apparent diffusion coefficient measured by MR. Proc Int Soc Magn Reson Med 3: 1697, 1997 3. Hirano A : Edema and myelin-associated extracellular spaces , in Inaba Y , Klatzo I , Spatz M (eds): Brain Edema. Berlin : Springer-Verlag , 1984 , pp 6 – 13 Hirano A: Edema and myelin

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Marc Goldman, Jerrold L. Boxerman, Jeffrey M. Rogg and Georg Norén

Cancer Ther 2 : 581 – 587 , 2003 26 Solle M , Camacho DLA , Morris DE , Castillo M : Apparent diffusion coefficient values as predictors of response to stereotactic radiosurgery for brain metastases: preliminary observations , in 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Neuroradiology . Toronto , 2005 , p 236 27 Szeifert GT , Atteberry DS , Kondziolka D , Levivier M , Lunsford LD : Cerebral metastases pathology after radiosurgery: a multicenter study . Cancer 106 : 2672 – 2681 , 2006 28 Weber MA , Thilmann C , Lichy MP

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Yasuaki Kokubo, Gerald B. Matson, Jialing Liu, Anthony Mancuso, Takamasa Kayama, Frank R. Sharp and Philip R. Weinstein

interactions between neurons and astrocytes. I. Turnover and metabolism of putative amino acid transmitters. Prog Neurobiol 13 : 277 – 323 , 1979 Hertz L: Functional interactions between neurons and astrocytes. I. Turnover and metabolism of putative amino acid transmitters. Prog Neurobiol 13: 277–323, 1979 10. Hoehn-Berlage M , Norris DG , Kohno K , et al : Evolution of regional changes in apparent diffusion coefficient during focal ischemia of rat brain: the relationship of quantitative diffusion NMR imaging to reduction

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Yu-Li Lee, Shu-Tian Chen, Jen-Tsung Yang, Hsu-Huei Weng, Hsueh-Lin Wang and Yuan-Hsiung Tsai

intervention. Recently, several studies have revealed the existence of microstructural changes in TN patients with NVCS using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), which showed a decreased fractional anisotropy (FA) and an increased apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) and radial diffusivity (RD), as well as the trend of an FA reduction correlation using a visual analog scale (VAS) analysis. 5 Additionally, another study also showed a lower FA value at the affected REZ of trigeminal nerves with TN; moreover, this study further accessed DTI data and diffusivity metrics after

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Evan D. Bander, Samuel H. Jones, Ilhami Kovanlikaya and Theodore H. Schwartz

completed by the surgical team. Radiographic MRI for each of the identified patients was imported into Brainlab software for volumetric analysis. Preoperative T1-weighted, T1-weighted with gadolinium, and T2-weighted FLAIR scans as well as postoperative T1-weighted, T1-weighted with gadolinium, T2-weighted FLAIR, and DWI scans and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps were coregistered to align the images. Using the Brainlab software SmartBrush tool, objects were drawn to measure 3D volumes. Tumor burden was defined as enhancement on pre- and postoperative gadolinium

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Cheng-Hong Toh, Yao-Liang Chen, Tsung-Che Hsieh, Shih-Ming Jung, Ho-Fai Wong and Shu-Hang Ng

suggestive of tumor necrosis. F ig . 1. A: Axial DW MR image (b value = 1000) demonstrating a hyperintense mass. B: Apparent diffusion coefficient map showing the hypointensity of the tumor, which indicates the presence of water restriction. C: A T 1 -weighted MR image obtained after Gd administration, demonstrating homogeneous enhancement of the lesion. Single-voxel proton MR spectroscopy was performed 24 hours later using a stimulated echo acquisition mode sequence (TR 1500 msec, TE 135 msec). A 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.5–cm 3 voxel was placed on the mass in the corpus

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Paul H. Leliefeld, Rob H. J. M. Gooskens, Cees A. F. Tulleken, Luca Regli, Cuno S. P. M. Uiterwaal, K. Sen Han and L. Jaap Kappelle

. The same 5 ROIs were selected in the contralateral hemisphere. Apparent diffusion coefficient values in the left- and right-side ROIs were compared using a paired Student t-test. Because no significant difference was found between left- and right-side ADC values, the left- and right-side ADC values were averaged for each of the examined areas. The ADCs per ROI were graphically compared with normal ADC values per ROI. Mean Arterial Blood Pressure The mean arterial blood pressure (calculated as diastolic blood pressure + 1/3 × (systolic − diastolic blood