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Gary K. Steinberg, Richard H. Britt, Dieter R. Enzmann, Jonathan L. Finlay and Ann M. Arvin

infection by Fusarium in a burned child. The emergence of a saprophytic strain. J Pediatr 84: 561–564, 1974 2. Benjamin RP , Callaway JL , Conant NF : Facial granuloma associated with Fusarium infection. Arch Dermatol 101 : 598 – 600 , 1970 Benjamin RP, Callaway JL, Conant NF: Facial granuloma associated with Fusarium infection. Arch Dermatol 101: 598–600, 1970 3. Bourguignon RL , Walsh AF , Flynn JC , et al : Fusarium species osteomyelitis. Case report. J Bone Joint Surg (Am

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Amer Khalil, Alejandro M. Spiotta and Gene H. Barnett

rare and resistant organisms from the chimp mouth flora, including Fusarium species, Zygomycetes species, Arthrographis kalrae mold species, Aeromonas species, Pseudomonas putida , and Candida albicans , and given the degloving injury and the risk of introducing infection intracranially. The calvaria remained intact following the attack, so any procedure that entailed breaching the intact barrier to infection was avoided given the danger of introducing infection intracranially. Table 1 summarizes the diagnostic tests that were performed in the assessment

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Justice O. Agyei, Jingxin Qiu and Andrew J. Fabiano

neutropenia who has a fever refractory to antibacterial and antifungal treatment. 2 , 14 Patients may also present with sinusitis, pneumonia, and painful skin lesions. 2 Boutati and Anaissie 2 are the only authors to have previously identified Fusarium infections of the CNS in humans. In their series, 4 patients had brain involvement, although further details regarding the specific site of infection and the patients’ presenting symptoms were not reported. To our knowledge, there are no reports of spinal infections caused by Fusarium species in the literature. We

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-assisted closure in the prevention of postoperative infection in high-risk patients who underwent spine surgery: a proof-of-concept study Bailey A. Dyck 1, 3 MD Christopher S. Bailey 1, 2, 3 MD Chris Steyn 1, 3 MD Julia Petrakis 1, 4 PHC-NP (MN-PHC-NP) Jennifer C. Urquhart 1, 2 PhD Ruheksh Raj 1, 2 MD Parham Rasoulinejad 1, 2, 3 MD 09 2019 10 05 2019 31 3 430 439 10.3171/2019.2.SPINE18947 2019.2.SPINE18947 Fusarium species intramedullary spinal cord fungus ball: case report Justice O. Agyei 1, 2 MD Jingxin Qiu 3 MD, PhD Andrew J. Fabiano 1, 2 MD 09 2019 10 05 2019 31 3 440 446