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Paul Weiss and A. Cecil Taylor

with the modified blood. Except for cat F11, in which one nerve end was found at autopsy to have slipped out, the operations and subsequent recovery histories were satisfactory. Brief case descriptions follow. Cat F7 . Gap in tibial nerve, 20 mm. long, bridged with carotid artery (kept refrigerated in Ringer's solution for 3 days), filled with blood plasma and erythrocytes from centrifuged heparinized blood in a volume ratio of 2:1 and an added amount of buffy coat. At 58 days p.op., the gastrocnemius was well palpable, but active function was doubtful. Active

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Radical Surgery and Penicillin in Brain Abscess

A Method of Treatment in One Stage with Special Reference to the Cure of Three Thoracogenic Cases

Jacques LeBeau

reduce their volume significantly. In our opinion it is perfectly useless to try any extirpation “en masse” without opening the abscess. Firstly it is impossible because the capsule does not exist in some places, usually at the more dangerous areas near the ventricle. Secondly it is not always desirable. Indeed, these large irregular abscesses with all the surrounding fibrous adhesions, often in close contact with important brain structures, are not unlike large deeply situated meningiomas. In other words one must attempt to remove them without any untoward damage to

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Franc D. Ingraham and Orville T. Bailey

view, the character of the symptoms and the problems of differential diagnosis of intracranial teratomas and teratoid tumors were those of any space-occupying lesion in that location. There were local effects, depending on the site of the tumor, and pressure effects, resulting from the increase in volume of the cranial contents. Nothing was encountered that would suggest the pathological diagnosis preoperatively, unless an associated congenital anomaly was present. This occurred occasionally in the intracranial group (Case 5) but more often in the intraspinal group

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Mason Trupp

-view exposure of bleeding points so that electro-coagulation can be rapidly performed, and at the same time eliminate many cumbersome, obscuring and often elusive cottonoid strips. The method makes use of a controlled jet of sterile compressed air delivered at the bleeding site, permitting precise exposure of severed vessels for electro-coagulation. The apparatus consists of a series of bottles containing antiseptic solutions to wash the compressed air, and the conventional sucker tip is used for its delivery. The volume of air pressure is controlled by a flow-meter which

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Olan R. Hyndman and William F. Gerber

gliomas of the spinal cord with special reference to their operability. In: Jubilee Volume for Davidenkov. Leningrad : State Inst. Publ. biol. med. Literature , 1936 , 9 – 67 . Foerster , O., and Bailey , P. A contribution to the study of gliomas of the spinal cord with special reference to their operability. In: Jubilee Volume for Davidenkov . Leningrad: State Inst. Publ. biol. med. Literature, 1936, 9–67. 7. Ford , F. R. Diseases of the nervous system in infancy, childhood and adolescence. Springfield, Ill. : Charles

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John F. Fulton

our small staff devoted a large part of its energy to wartime bibliographies—two on aviation medicine, one on vision, and a third on Scientific, Medical, and Technical Books published since 1930; this latter, the largest volume ever printed at the Yale Press, was undertaken for the State Department through the National Research Council. But the literary executorship also entailed other duties, for the Oxford Press was asking for a Preface for a one-volume ‘Osler,’ Dr. Cushing had a book of essays, The Medical Career , halfway through the press at the time of

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Cerebral Swelling

Histopathology, Classification and Clinical Significance of Brain Edema

I. Mark Scheinker

the vicinity of cerebral neoplasms and abscesses. Diffuse cerebral edema, on the other hand, has been reported in such diverse conditions as cerebral vascular accidents, uremia, severe intoxications and in status epilepticus. Reichardt 18 (1905) was the first to introduce the concept of cerebral swelling (“Hirnschwellung”) as a specific reaction of nerve tissue. He defined it as an increase in brain volume, not due to hyperemia or to excess of free fluid. According to Reichardt, the brain is considered swollen when the difference between brain volume and skull

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Henry M. Suckle, Roland R. Liebenow and O. Sidney Orth

the possibility of an increase in intracranial pressure the total volume of fluid injected usually was less than and never exceeded 0.5 cc. and applications were made over a 30-second interval. Following any injection the animals were watched continually for at least 2 hours and then for the next 24 to 48 hours periodic observations were made. Convulsions were determined by such direct inspection, and on 3 of the monkeys EEG recordings were made to determine alterations in cortical activity. For the latter tests an intravenous administration of a curare solution

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Arthur Ecker and Richard H. Chamberlain

. In certain instances the vertebral-basilar circulation should be included. 3. Inclusion of stereoscopic exposures, at least in the lateral projections of the carotid arterial phases. 4. Inclusion of anteroposterior projections as well as the lateral ones. 5. Repetition of the studies whenever physiological or morphological change is anticipated. 6. Choice of a suitable contrast medium. No perfect contrast medium is available at this time, but the choice between thorotrast and one of the organic iodides is influenced by the volume

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Bror Rexed

segment in Case K.224–43. Note delicate wall of the cyst and sound appearance of the adjacent nerve fibres. AMH stain; ×80. There thus exist all gradations from a just perceptible increase in the volume of the arachnoidea in the dura-surrounded space around the roots to intense proliferations with strong deformations and cyst formation in the roots. A full report of these findings will follow in the final publication, when a larger material can be presented; for further details see the figures and their legends. A striking fact is, however, that not even the