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Mary Austin-Seymour, John Munzenrider, Michael Goitein, Lynn Verhey, Marcia Urie, Richard Gentry, Steven Birnbaum, Donna Ruotolo, Patricia McManus, Steven Skates, Robert G. Ojemann, Andrew Rosenberg, Alan Schiller, Andreas Koehler and Herman D. Suit

✓ Sixty-eight patients with chordoma or low-grade chondrosarcoma at the base of the skull received fractionated high-dose postoperative radiation delivered with a 160-MeV proton beam. Protons have favorable physical characteristics which allow the delivery of high doses of radiation to these critically located tumors. The methods employed for these treatments are described. These patients have been followed for at least 17 months and for a median of 34 months. The median tumor dose was 69 CGE (cobalt Gy equivalent): CGE is the dose in proton Gy multiplied by 1.1, which is the relative biological effectiveness for protons compared to cobalt-60. The daily dose was 1.8 to 2.1 CGE. For this group the 5-year actuarial local control rate is 82% and disease-free survival rate is 76%. The incidence of treatment-related morbidity has been acceptable.