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Abraham B. Rubinstein, Mordechai N. Shalit, Mathias L. Cohen, Uri Zandbank and Eli Reichenthal

✓ The authors retrospectively analyzed the clinical and histopathological findings in 201 patients with intracranial meningiomas operated on in the period 1978 to 1982. Forty-three of the patients (21.4%) had at some previous time received radiation treatment to their scalp, the majority for tinea capitis. The findings in these 43 irradiated patients were compared with those in the 158 non-irradiated patients. Several distinctive clinical and histological features were identified in the irradiated group, which suggest that radiation-induced meningiomas can be defined as a separate nosological subgroup.

The use of irradiation in large numbers of children with tinea capitis in the era prior to the availability of griseofulvin may be responsible for a significantly increased incidence of intracranial meningiomas.

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Eli Reichenthal, Mathias L. Cohen, Elias Schujman, Nachman Eynan and Mordechai Shalit

✓ A case of tuberculous brain abscess in a 52-year-old woman is presented. The computerized tomographic (CT) scan demonstrated a multilocular space-occupying lesion in the right parietal area, surrounded by a thick hyperdense enhancing rim. It is suggested that a relatively long clinical history together with the appearance of a thick-walled abscess-like lesion on the CT scan may indicate the diagnosis of a tuberculous brain abscess.

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Eli Reichenthal, Mathias L. Cohen, Riri Manor, Gideon Marshak, Shoshana Matz and Mordechai N. Shalit

✓ A case of primary osteogenic sarcoma of the sellar and parasellar region is described. A biopsy performed through the transnasal transsphenoidal approach appears to be the best method of establishing the diagnosis in lesions in this location. A previous case, documented in the German literature, is discussed together with the case presented here.