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A. Basit Chaudhari, Foluso Ladapo, Victor P. N. Mordi, Kalyanpury J. Choudhury, Attia Naseem and Joan A. Obe

✓ An unusual type of congenital subgaleal cyst, either dermoid or epidermoid, was found in 21 Nigerian infants. This entity was located in the midline of the scalp, anywhere from above the nasion to the inion, and occupied the subgaleal space. These cysts were noted soon after birth and gradually enlarged. They had no intracranial extension and were easily excised intact. Clinically, radiologically, and histologically they were similar to congenital inclusion dermoid cysts of the anterior fontanel. The histology and some of the peculiarities of these cysts are described. Although most of these cysts occur at the anterior fontanel, they can occur anywhere in the midline, and the subgaleal space of the anterior fontanel is not the exclusive site, as has been claimed by previous authors.