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Aristedis Rovlias, Emmanuel Pavlakis and Serafim Kotsou

✓ Unintended incidental durotomy is not a rare complication of lumbar microsurgery and is usually recognized and treated immediately. The reconstruction process can be complicated further by unpredictable factors. To their knowledge, the authors report the first case of a symptomatic pneumorachis associated with the accidental awakening of a patient during reconstruction of an incidental durotomy following lumbar microdiscectomy.

Incomplete cauda equina syndrome developed in the patient on awakening from surgery after reconstruction of an unintended incidental dural tear that occurred during lumbar microdiscectomy. Symptomatic pneumorachis was revealed on an emergency computed tomography scan, and the patient underwent immediate repeated operation to remove air and decompress the spinal canal.

The increasing number and complexity of surgical procedures in the lumbar spine contribute to the growing incidence of unintended durotomy. The surgeon should be aware of rare complications that may arise. Development of a vacuum phenomenon in conjunction with a ball–valve mechanism may lead to pneumorachis during durotomy repair. If this rare complication is promptly recognized and confronted, the outcome will not be associated with long-term sequelae.