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Paul Douglas Garen, Clive Gordon Harper, Charles Teo and Ian Hugh Johnston

✓ A case is reported of a rare cystic schwannoma of the fourth cranial nerve which was interpreted as a probable intrinsic brain-stem lesion. The clinical approach to brain-stem tumors in terms of empirical treatment or surgical biopsy is discussed.

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Tomohiko Mizutani, Herbert I. Goldberg, Justin Parr, Clive Harper and Carson J. Thompson

✓ A 19-year-old white man developed aphasia and right hemiplegia after several falls while waterskiing. Cerebral angiography displayed a ripple appearance and a “string of beads” sign along the left middle cerebral artery, with occlusion or stenosis of most of its branches. The patient died after 6 days, of transtentorial herniation due to massive left cerebral infarction. At necropsy, the infarct was found to be due to a subintimal dissecting aneurysm of the left middle cerebral artery. Multifocal areas of intimal fibroelastic thickening (IFT) were found not only at the site of dissection, but also in the other cerebral arteries, most prominent at the bifurcations of the vessels.

A systematic study of cerebral arteries performed in six control cases revealed that IFT was present in a similar distribution to that seen in the patient described. However, the degree of IFT in this patient was greater than in the controls. Some individuals with excessive IFT may be more susceptible to cerebral dissecting aneurysm under a variety of stresses, especially trauma.

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Peter J. Leech, Bryant A. R. Stokes, Trevor Apsimon and Clive Harper

✓ A case is presented in which spinal cord compression was caused by an unruptured aneurysm of the anterior spinal artery. The nature of the mass was not disclosed until it was surgically exposed. Resection of the sac was followed by neurological recovery.