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Daniel M. Lieberman, Marc-Etienne Corthesy, Alex Cummins and Edward H. Oldfield

commissure and nucleus accumbens, there are similar numbers of neurons on both sides (lower left) . The lesion extended throughout the middle and posterior aspects of the GPm (sections are approximately 0.5 mm apart). Extension of the loss of neurons into the external GP is a result of the high volume of kainic acid infused relative to the volume of the internal GP. Immediately after the uncomplicated chemopallidotomies had been performed, the three macaques that received kainic acid exhibited purposeful, spontaneous use of all four extremities and showed no evidence of a

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Daniel M. Lieberman, Douglas W. Laske, Paul F. Morrison, Krzysztof S. Bankiewicz and Edward H. Oldfield

100 µm:170 µm). The proximal end of the PEEK tube was connected to a 100-µl syringe via a flangeless fitting, female/female coupler, and a Luer lock fitting with zero dead volume. These materials were chosen to minimize the compliance of the infusion system. A silicone coating ‡ was applied to the inner surface of the cannulas before the first use. After the syringe and cannula were flushed with distilled water, the cannula was loaded with 20 µl of solution for infusion through the distal tip by withdrawing the plunger. Rats anesthetized with ketamine (100 mg

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Stephen C. Saris, Paul Spiess, Daniel M. Lieberman, Shan Lin, Stuart Walbridge and Edward H. Oldfield

same way as it is placed in the brain; however, we concluded that counting numerous small metastases is more reliable than attempting to determine the volume of a solitary liver metastasis and more reproducible than waiting until a liver tumor is large enough to cause death from liver failure. On two occasions, we attempted to repeat our experiments with lymphocytes isolated and expanded from intracerebral tumors; however, we were unable to expand sufficient numbers of TIL's to accomplish this (data not presented). Conclusions Although TIL's constitute an

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Douglas W. Laske, Paul F. Morrison, Daniel M. Lieberman, Mark E. Corthesy, James C. Reynolds, Patricia A. Stewart-Henney, Sung-Soo Koong, Alex Cummins, Chang H. Paik and Edward H. Oldfield

performed using software available in the public domain. The SPECT and planar images were also obtained from a customized cylindrical monkey head phantom containing an acrylic plastic sphere of 2.8-, 5.79-, 11.2-, or 21.2-ml volume. The 4.5-indiameter acrylic plastic cylinder was chosen to reproduce the mean lateral distance across the head of a 10-kg monkey as measured from a coronal MR slice located in the frontal lobe and containing the infusion site. The spheres were located midway along the 7-in cylindrical axis of the phantom. Each sphere was filled with 111 In