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Jay Jagannathan, Russell R. Lonser, Rene Smith, Hetty L. DeVroom and Edward H. Oldfield

processes are progressing rapidly 0 dead * Modified from the scale created by Karnofsky et al. Radiographic Evaluation Patients underwent serial un-enhanced and enhanced MR imaging (T1-weighted, T2-weighted, and FLAIR sequences) at ∼ 6- to 12-month intervals, or more frequently if new signs or symptoms developed. Tumor volumes (contrast-enhanced T1-weighted images) and cyst volumes (T2-weighted images), which were calculated based on serial MR imaging, were determined using the following equation: volume = largest anteroposterior diameter (centimeter

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Jay Jagannathan, Stuart Walbridge, John A. Butman, Edward H. Oldfield and Russell R. Lonser

then secured to the skull with methylmethacrylate. After the inner cannula (outer diameter 0.014 in, inner diameter 0.006 in) was connected to the infusion apparatus, it was placed through the outer guide cannula to the target. To distribute infusate into the brain using convection, we used a previously described noncompliant system that is gas-tight with no dead volume. 9 A PHD 2000 syringe pump (Harvard Apparatus) was used to generate continuous pressure throughout the infusion procedure. During infusion, pressure was transmitted from the pump to an infusate

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Jay Jagannathan, Rene Smith, Hetty L. DeVroom, Alexander O. Vortmeyer, Constantine A. Stratakis, Lynnette K. Nieman and Edward H. Oldfield

selective excision of the encapsulated lesion, but no adenoma was identified in the specimen. F ig . 2. Graph showing disease in patients with negative and positive MR imaging. Mean tumor volume is depicted by the gray lines . Cases in which the encapsulated lesion removed at surgery proved to be an ACTH-staining adenoma are represented by open circles. Black circles represent patients in whom the encapsulated lesion removed at surgery did not contain an ACTH-staining adenoma. Most surgical specimens with negative pathology occurred in patients with negative MR

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Jie Li, Hiroaki Okamoto, Chunyue Yin, Jay Jagannathan, Jun Takizawa, Sadao Aoki, Sven Gläsker, Elisabeth J. Rushing, Alexander O. Vortmeyer, Edward H. Oldfield, Ryuya Yamanaka and Zhengping Zhuang

, the volume of tissue obtained for research purposes during a biopsy procedure is often limited, and this limitation is underscored by the fact that tissue is often lost during microdissection and purification. These factors raise the possibility of there being other important structural or functional proteins that will need to be identified using genomics, and other molecular biology techniques in the future. Conclusions Using selective tissue dissection and 2D gel electrophoresis/ MS/MS, our data indicates a high degree of homology between PCNSLs and SSLs