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was sufficient to bridge the distance between the second and sixth intercostal spaces along the mid axillary line. Mobilizing of the IN from midaxillary to mid-clavicular lines was sufficient in each specimen to achieve tensionlessanastomoses to the LTN at the second intercostal space. Conclusion: Nerve transfer of multiple IN to the LTN is possible and may provide surgeons the ability to restore shoulder function for scapular winging. In cases of total brachial plexus injury, where musculocutaneous restoration is a priority, the 5th and 6th IN can still be

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Darryl Lau, Jay Yarlagadda, Thierry Jahan, David Jablons and Dean Chou

brachial plexus and causing significant mediastinal compression. We also review the literature and discuss management. TABLE 1: Literature review of DF of the spine * Authors & Year Age (yrs), Sex Vertebral Location Resection Chemo or Radiation Recurrence (FU in mos) Scheer & Kuhlman, 1963 11, F L-3 local NM no (24) Rabhan & Rosai, 1968 9, M T-1 local postop adjuvant chemo yes (6) Zsernaviczky & Delling, 1977 15, F sacrum total NM no (NM) Fuji et al., 1988 24, M C-2 wide NM

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of those structures can be safe if appropriate technique is adopted. Full investigation of the anatomical position of the vessels might be required before surgery is performed. Neurosurg Focus Neurosurgical Focus FOC 1092-0684 American Association of Neurological Surgeons 2014.3.FOC-DSPNABSTRACTS Abstract Mayfield Clinical Science 233. Utility of Delayed Surgical Repair of Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy Zarina S Ali , MD , Dara Bakar , Yun Li , Alex Judd , Hiren C. Patel , MBBS, PhD

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Darryl Lau, Dean Chou and Praveen V. Mummaneni

significantly more second-stage PSF. A total of 8 (14.5%) of the 55 patients experienced complications ( Table 2 ). There was a trend toward a higher number of complications among patients who underwent ACCF (20.0%) compared with patients who underwent ACDF (5.7%), but this was not statistically significant (p = 0.102); these complication rates included patients who underwent supplemental PSF. In the ACCF group, 1 patient experienced hardware failure, infection, and brachial plexus neuritis; 1 patient experienced a right C-5 palsy; 1 patient had an acute kidney injury; and

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.3171/2017.3.FOC-DSPNabstracts 2017.3.FOC-DSPNABSTRACTS Kline Peripheral Nerve Award Presentation 103. Prediction Algorithm for Surgical Intervention in Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy Thomas J. Wilson , MD , Kate Chang , and Lynda Jun-San Yang , MD, PhD 3 2017 42 3 Peripheral Nerve A2 A2 Copyright held by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. You may not sell, republish, or systematically distribute any published materials without written permission from JNSPG. 2017 Introduction: Neonatal