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Kenneth R. L. Lassiter, Eben Alexander Jr., Courtland H. Davis Jr. and David L. Kelly Jr.

✓ A long-term study has been made of a consecutive series of 37 patients with brain stem gliomas, 22 of whom were children and 15 adults. Surgical exploration was carried out in 34 of the 37 cases and only very rarely was a diagnosis made on clinical grounds or air study alone. In 10 cases a histological diagnosis was made at operation. In five patients a significantly large neoplastic cyst was found and evacuated, and four of these have had long-term useful survivals. There were nine postoperative deaths, most of them in the pre-Decadron era; 17 cases died during follow-up, with a mean survival of 33 months; and eight patients are living, with a mean survival of 3 months to 9 years. A plea is made for surgical exploration of these lesions in the hope of finding a surgically approachable cyst, and for the use of radiation therapy at a later time.

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David L. Kelly Jr., Kenneth R. L. Lassiter, John A. Calogero and Eben Alexander Jr.

✓ A controlled series of adult mongrel dogs were rendered paraplegic by traumatizing the thoracic spinal cord. Those animals treated with local hypothermia, whether immediately or after a delay, recovered to a significantly greater degree than the untreated group. Spinal cord pO2 studies revealed a marked fall in the pO2 at the area of maximal injury over a 30-min period. The severe hypoxia lasted at least 7 hours. Pathological studies showed the varying degrees of injury produced. It is postulated that local hypothermia may be effective in altering the clinical recovery by decreasing the tissue metabolism at the site of injury.