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Gavin A. Davis, Gregory J. Fitt, Renate M. Kalnins and L. Anne Mitchell

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Chow Huat Chan, Richard G. Bittar, Gavin A. Davis, Renate M. Kalnins and Gavin C. A. Fabinyi


Resection of dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor (DNET) is thought to result in favorable seizure outcome, but long-term follow-up data are scarce. The authors present a review of 18 patients who underwent surgical removal of a DNET: 12 via temporal lobectomy and six via lesionectomy.


The mean long-term follow up was 10.8 years (median 10.4 years, range 7.8 to 14.8 years), and results obtained during this time period were compared with previously reported short-term (mean 2.7 years) seizure outcome data. In the current study, 66.7% patients had an Engel Class I outcome and 55.6% had an Engel Class IA outcome compared with 77.8% and 55.6%, respectively. Temporal lobectomy (Engel Class I, 83.3%; Engel Class IA, 66.7%) led to a better seizure outcome than lesionectomy (Engel Classes I and IA, 33.3%). Two patients (11.1%) required repeated operation and both had an incomplete lesionectomy initially.


Results indicated that complete resection of a DNET leads to a favorable seizure outcome, with epilepsy cure in those who had experienced early postoperative seizure relief. Long-term seizure outcome after surgery is predictable based on the result of short-term follow up.