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Sheila K. Singh, Lynda Rickards, Ronald I. Apfelbaum, R. John Hurlbert, Dennis Maiman and Michael G. Fehlings

bender for occipitocervical fusion: Technical note. Neurosurgery 43 : 389 – 391 , 1998 (Letter) McCormick P: Use of the Bendmeister rod bender for occipitocervical fusion: Technical note. Neurosurgery 43: 389–391, 1998 (Letter) 18. Menezes AH : Complications of surgery at the craniocervical junction—avoidance and management. Pediatr Neurosurg 17 : 254 – 266 , 1991–2 Menezes AH: Complications of surgery at the craniocervical junction—avoidance and management. Pediatr Neurosurg 17: 254–266, 1991–2 19

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Bizhan Aarabi, James S. Harrop, Charles H. Tator, Melvin Alexander, Joseph R. Dettori, Robert G. Grossman, Michael G. Fehlings, Stuart E. Mirvis, Kathirkamanathan Shanmuganathan, Katie M. Zacherl, Keith D. Burau, Ralph F. Frankowski, Elizabeth Toups, Christopher I. Shaffrey, James D. Guest, Susan J. Harkema, Nader M. Habashi, Penny Andrews, Michele M. Johnson and Michael K. Rosner

, and smoking, which contribute to physiological derangements, have been reported to be significant predictors of pulmonary complications. 26 , 28 , 30 , 34 , 46 , 49 The degree of physiological derangement (according to the Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation–II score) at the time of admission was not a predictor of pulmonary complications in our study. There seems to be a progressive deterioration of respiratory function as the SCI severity approaches the craniocervical junction. In the present investigation, patients with high (C2–4) cervical injuries

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Ziya L. Gokaslan, Patricia L. Zadnik, Daniel M. Sciubba, Niccole Germscheid, C. Rory Goodwin, Jean-Paul Wolinsky, Chetan Bettegowda, Mari L. Groves, Alessandro Luzzati, Laurence D. Rhines, Charles G. Fisher, Peter Pal Varga, Mark B. Dekutoski, Michelle J. Clarke, Michael G. Fehlings, Nasir A. Quraishi, Dean Chou, Jeremy J. Reynolds, Richard P. Williams, Norio Kawahara and Stefano Boriani

1976) 34 : 384 – 391 , 2009 4 Choi D , Melcher R , Harms J , Crockard A : Outcome of 132 operations in 97 patients with chordomas of the craniocervical junction and upper cervical spine . Neurosurgery 66 : 59 – 65 , 2010 5 Cloyd JM , Chou D , Deviren V , Ames CP : En bloc resection of primary tumors of the cervical spine: report of two cases and systematic review of the literature . Spine J 9 : 928 – 935 , 2009 6 DeLaney TF , Liebsch NJ , Pedlow FX , Adams J , Weyman EA , Yeap BY , : Long-term results of

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. Given our small cohort of patients treated without orthosis, it is possible that isolated OCF may be treated without cervical orthosis at all. Neurosurg Focus Neurosurgical Focus FOC 1092-0684 American Association of Neurological Surgeons 10.3171/2017.3.FOC-DSPNabstracts 2017.3.FOC-DSPNABSTRACTS Kline Peripheral Nerve Award Presentation 166. A Finite Element Analysis of the Occitipoatlantal Capsular Ligaments as the Primary Stabilizers of the Craniocervical Junction Andrew T. Dailey , MD , Rinchen Phuntsok