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Shiveindra B. Jeyamohan, Tyler J. Kenning, Karen A. Petronis, Paul J. Feustel, Doniel Drazin and Darryl J. DiRisio

spondylotic myelopathy: sagittal alignment and clinical outcome . Neurosurg Focus 28 : 3 E15 , 2010 6 Campbell PG , Yadla S , Malone J , Zussman B , Maltenfort MG , Sharan AD , : Early complications related to approach in cervical spine surgery: single-center prospective study . World Neurosurg 74 : 363 – 368 , 2010 7 Chiu AG , Newkirk KA , Davidson BJ , Burningham AR , Krowiak EJ , Deeb ZE : Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor-induced angioedema: a multicenter review and an algorithm for airway management . Ann Otol

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Doniel Drazin, Mir Hussain, Jonathan Harris, John Hao, Matt Phillips, Terrence T. Kim, J. Patrick Johnson and Brandon Bucklen

interaction between surgical construct and sacral slope angulation, intact lumbosacral stiffness showed increased sensitivity to sacral slope angles larger than 30° compared with other constructs, illustrated in Fig. 4 . These results demonstrate the main effect of sacral slope angles significantly impacting lumbosacral stiffness. Furthermore, post hoc analysis found that for sacral slopes larger than 40°, axial stiffness of the lumbosacral joint was compromised compared with less angulated pelvic sagittal alignment. FIG. 4. Graph showing mean axial stiffness

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Patrick W. Hitchon, Jonathan M. Mahoney, Jonathan A. Harris, Mir M. Hussain, Noelle F. Klocke, John C. Hao, Doniel Drazin and Brandon S. Bucklen

(Phila Pa 1976) 28 : 1135 – 1141 , 2003 2 Bednar DA : Surgical management of lumbar degenerative spinal stenosis with spondylolisthesis via posterior reduction with minimal laminectomy . J Spinal Disord Tech 15 : 105 – 109 , 2002 3 Boulay C , Tardieu C , Hecquet J , Benaim C , Mouilleseaux B , Marty C , : Sagittal alignment of spine and pelvis regulated by pelvic incidence: standard values and prediction of lordosis . Eur Spine J 15 : 415 – 422 , 2006 4 Crawford NR , Hurlbert RJ , Choi WG , Dickman CA : Differential

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examined include presence of interbody fusion, rod diameter, rod material, age and preop sagittal alignment. Methods: A retrospective review of a multicenter, prospective ASD database was conducted. Inclusion criteria: age=18yr, ASD, no revisions between >6wk and <2yrs postop. Spinal pelvic parameters, thoracic kyphosis (TK:T2-T12) and lumbar lordosis (LL:L1-S1) were measured overall and within and outside of the instrumented segments. Changes for SVA, PT, PI-LL, TK, and LL between 6wks-2yrs postop were calculated. Of these pts, the amount of thoracic loss and TL

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-0684 American Association of Neurological Surgeons 10.3171/2017.3.FOC-DSPNabstracts 2017.3.FOC-DSPNABSTRACTS Charles Kuntz Scholar Award Presentations (Abstracts 104–123) 119. Laminoplasty vs. Laminectomy-Fusion for the Treatment of Cervical Myelopathy: Preliminary Results from the CSM-Study Comparing Cervical Sagittal Alignment and Clinical Outcomes Vijay Ravindra , MD, MSPH , Jill Curran , MS , Praveen V. Mummaneni , MD , Adam S. Kanter , MD , Erica Fay Bisson , MD, MPH , Robert F. Heary , MD

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thoracolumbar spine describes a subset of fractures with posterior ligamentous complex disruption in response to a flexion and distraction moment imparted to the thoracolumbar spine. These injuries are mechanically and neurologically unstable and surgical stabilization is frequently necessary to prevent neurological deterioration and maintain sagittal alignment. Conventionally, open posterior fixation and fusion have been utilized as the standard surgical treatment. Recently, percutaneous techniques with pedicle screws insertion are becoming popular as they provide

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30; p<0.001). Conclusions The addition of PPI seems to have a protective effect on the development of PJK. The analysis controlled for preoperative sagittal alignment as well as for correction of PI-LL. HYB was effective in restoring sagittal global alignment and cMIS in maintaining it. Neurosurg Focus Neurosurgical Focus FOC 1092-0684 American Association of Neurological Surgeons 2014.3.FOC-DSPNABSTRACTS Abstract Mayfield Clinical Science 243. Microendoscopic Decompression for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

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sagittal alignment as well as for correction of PI-LL. HYB was effective in restoring sagittal global alignment and cMIS in maintaining it. J Neurosurg Journal of Neurosurgery JNS 0022-3085 1933-0693 American Association of Neurological Surgeons 2015.6.JNS.AANS2014ABSTRACTS Philip L. Gildenberg Resident Award 630. Striatal Stimulation for Enhancement of Recovery in a Rodent Traumatic Brain Injury Model Joshua Paul Aronson , MD , Husam Katnani , PhD , Jimmy Yang , BA , Matthew Thombs , BA