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Menashe Zaaroor, Bernardo Borovich, Lucyna Bassan, Yaffa Doron and Jan Gruszkiewicz

✓ A case of cutaneous extravertebral meningioma is presented. It was diagnosed in infancy as a lumbar meningocele. Operation was initially refused but was subsequently demanded for cosmetic reasons. The findings were a very thick corrugated skin and a cutaneous meningioma connected by a fibrous tract to the dura mater. The presence of a fibrous stalk linking the tumor to the dura mater might have been the pathogenetic connection between the meningocele and cutaneous meningioma.

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Bernardo Borovich, Yaffa Doron, Jacob Braun, Joseph N. Guilburd, Menashe Zaaroor, Dorit Goldsher, Anshel Lemberger, Jan Gruszkiewicz and Moshe Feinsod

check; Globular single meningiomas are generally regarded as benign tumors that can be completely removed. Nevertheless, after a total macroscopic resection including the insertion zone (Grade 1 operation according to Simpson's classification), the incidence of recurrence ranged from 9% to 14% at the 5-year follow-up review. The authors have shown that single meningiomas represent only the visible predominant growth in the midst of a wide neoplastic field in the dura mater. Regional multiplicity in meningiomas would thus seem to be the rule. With this in mind, the authors propose to divide recurrences after Grade 1 operations into 1) true local and 2) false regional. A local recurrence is defined as a regrowth within the limits of the previous dural flap. Regional recurrence is when new growth develops outside the previous craniotomy site; this should not be considered as a recurrence but as a new primary site. These regional recurrences might explain some unexpected late tumor growth occurring after a Grade 1 operation. Five illustrative cases in which regional recurrence was detected by computerized tomography are presented. The authors also propose to add a supplementary grade to Simpson's surgical grading: Grade 0. This operation would entail a wide resection of the dura around the attachment zone of the meningioma. The authors hope that with a Grade 0 operation the incidence of recurrence might be reduced.