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Cheng-Siu Chang, Chun-Chao Chuang, Ming-Fan Wu, Wen-Shan Liu, Hsien-Tang Tu and Chuan-Fu Huang


Most cases of tumor-related hemifacial spasm (HFS) are treated by open surgery. The authors report the effects of Gamma Knife surgery (GKS) on benign tumor–related HFS at a mean follow-up time of 84 months.


Between 2000 and 2011, 6 patients (5 women and 1 man) harboring single tumors of the cerebellopontine angle (4 meningiomas and 2 vestibular schwannomas [VSs]) and experiencing HFS underwent GKS as a primary treatment. The mean age of the patients at the time of radiosurgery was 52.7 years (range 45–60 years).

The patients' tumors lay within the radiosurgical target area. In the 4 cases of meningioma, the mean radiosurgical treatment volume was 5.3 cm3 (range 1.2–9.6 cm3), and the mean radiosurgical tumor margin dose was 14.1 Gy (range 12–18 Gy); in the 2 cases of VS, the treatment volume was 2.5 cm3 in 1 patient and 11.2 cm3 in the other, and the margin doses were 11.5 and 12 Gy, respectively. The mean duration of HFS symptoms was 15.5 months (range 3–36 months).


The mean follow-up period was 84 months (range 40–110 months). Overall, 4 (66%) of the 6 patients experienced complete relief from HFS without medication after GKS and 1 patient obtained a good outcome. The mean time for improvement to be realized was 12.6 months (range 3–24 months). Only 1 patient failed to experience relief from HFS, and coincidentally, the tumor did not shrink in that case. In all 6 patients (100%), tumor growth was controlled at a mean follow-up of 56 months after GKS: in 5 patients the tumor had decreased in size and in the other patient the tumor size remained unchanged. No new neurological deficit was noted after GKS, and 1 patient with facial numbness reported improvement after tumor shrinkage.


Gamma Knife surgery appears to be effective in treating benign tumor–related HFS and in controlling tumor growth. A reduction in tumor volume is related to spasm improvement. Although a time latency for spasm relief is associated with GKS, minimal side effects are expected.