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lung cancer. Surgical intervention is often required to stabilize the spine, and these procedures can have significant morbidity that could be avoided with prevention or containment of the metastases by therapeutics. To date, this condition has not been replicated in a pre-clinical animal model, which would greatly aid the study of potential interventions. Methods Twenty-seven athymic rats underwent transperitoneal exposure and injection of 50,000 luciferase-labeled A549 lung cancer cells into the L5 vertebral body. At 4 weeks post-implantation, in vivo

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extracellular water content of brain for improved MR imaging. Preclinical safety testing in a large brain, animal model is now complete, and a clinical trial is being designed to assess the feasibility in patients with movement disorders. J Neurosurg Journal of Neurosurgery JNS 0022-3085 1933-0693 American Association of Neurological Surgeons 2015.6.JNS.AANS2014ABSTRACTS Philip L. Gildenberg Resident Award 639. Brain Computer Interface Technology for Patients Suffering Disorder of Consciousness Robert Prueckl , (Schiedlberg