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-0715 American Association of Neurological Surgeons 10.3171/2015.1.PEDSPAPER7 2015.1.PEDSPAPER1 Use of C1 Lateral Mass Screws in the Reduction of Atlanto-Axial Deformity: Technical Note Jonathan E. Martin , MD 3 2015 A345 A345 Copyright held by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. You may not sell, republish, or systematically distribute any published materials without written permission from JNSPG. 2015 Introduction: C1 lateral mass screws (C1 LMS) coupled with C2 fixation are one of several options available

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Meng Huang, David D. Gonda, Valentina Briceño, Sandi K. Lam, Thomas G. Luerssen and Andrew Jea

70, M RA NA Extended 4.75 Yes Dysphagia 3 61, F RA Oc-C3 fusion Neutral 2.75 No Prolonged intubation 4 63, F Epidural tumor Oc-C4 fusion Flexed 6.7 Yes Dysphagia persisted 5 69, M RA NA NA 4.6 No Tracheostomy, dysphagia persisted 6 77, F RA, atlantoaxial subluxation Oc-C2 fusion Flexed (−18°) 4.9 Yes Dyspnea resolved after revision, dysphagia persisted 7 78, F Atlantoaxial osteoarthritis, occipitalization of C-1 Oc-C3 fusion Flexed (−14°) NA NA Dysphagia

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Christina Sayama, Caroline Hadley, Gina N. Monaco, Anish Sen, Alison Brayton, Valentina Briceño, Brandon H. Tran, Sheila L. Ryan, Thomas G. Luerssen, Daniel Fulkerson and Andrew Jea

unlimited quantity and immediate availability of rhBMP-2 make it useful in certain pediatric spine applications, although its cost may be prohibitive in some circumstances. Previous studies of pediatric occipitocervical and atlantoaxial constructs had reported much higher fusion rates (around 98% to 100%). 7 , 11 , 13 , 16 In recent comparisons of fusion rates following occcipitocervical and atlantoaxial instrumented fusion using a large clinical series and administrative data sets, Mazur et al. 15 and Hankinson et al., respectively, reported higher rates of fusion

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Christina Sayama, Matthew Willsey, Murali Chintagumpala, Alison Brayton, Valentina Briceño, Sheila L. Ryan, Thomas G. Luerssen, Steven W. Hwang and Andrew Jea

of occipitocervical wound w/ irrigation & debridement & by placement of BMP & new bone graft 24 Morselized cancellous allograft, local autograft, iliac crest harvest 61 No Transverse myelitis resulting in complete thoracic-level paraplegia 14 13 yrs, 5 mos, F H/O severe TBI; progr neuromusc scoliosis T4–lium PIF 12 Morselized cancellous allograft 59 No None 15 10 yrs, 6 mos, M Atlantoaxial instability; os terminale persistens C1–2 PIF 8.4 Morselized cancellous allograft 55 No Superficial wound cellulitis 16 16