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Intramedullary sclerosing meningioma: operative video

Giada Garufi, Giuseppe Ricciardo, Alfredo Conti, and Salvatore Massimiliano Cardali

Transcript We present here a case of a 66-year-old woman who was admitted to our institution with a 6-month history of progressive extremities weakness, paresthesias of both superior arms, worse on the right side, followed by gait and balance disorders. She has a history of meningiomatosis where a huge convexity meningioma was operated 5 years early without any neurological impairment. At the neurological examination, the patient exhibited a decreased general muscle strength with a 3/5 MRC scale quadriparesis, a bilateral C4–5 territory

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Endoscopic endonasal transclival petroclival meningioma resection

Stephen T. Magill, Ben G. McGahan, Ricardo L. Carrau, and Daniel M. Prevedello

Transcript This video demonstrates an endoscopic endonasal transclival approach for resection of a petroclival meningioma. 0:27 History. Patient was a 45-year-old lady who presented with one episode of whole-body numbness, that fully recovered. An MRI was performed to rule out a stroke that identified the presence of a dorsum clival petroclival meningioma. The initial recommendation was observation, and the patient came back 6 months later with an MRI demonstrating increase on the size of the tumor. 0:54 Imaging. The initial presentation

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Endoscopic endonasal resection of a large tuberculum sella meningioma

Ahmed Mohyeldin, Jayakar V. Nayak, and Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda

Transcript Here we present the case of a large, challenging tuberculum sella meningioma resected via an endoscopic endonasal approach. This is a case of a 24-year-old female who presented with progressive visual decline, and an MRI revealed a large meningioma compressing her optic chiasm. Preoperative visual field testing revealed minimal to no light perception in the left eye and severe compression of the optic chiasm, that revealed a right eye peripheral visual field loss (0:50). 0:53 A preoperative CT angiogram helped us create and simulate a three

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Endoscopic endonasal transpetroclival approach for recurrent bilateral petroclival meningioma

Yuki Shinya, Masahiro Shin, Hirotaka Hasegawa, Satoshi Koizumi, Taichi Kin, Kenji Kondo, and Nobuhito Saito

Transcript This is a case of recurrent bilateral petroclival meningioma treated with an endoscopic endonasal transpetroclival approach. 0:30 Patient Presentation. A 53-year-old woman presented with recurrent bilateral petroclival meningioma, resulting in left facial sensory disturbance, abducens nerve palsy, facial palsy, hearing loss, and truncal ataxia. She had transcranial resection via a combined petrosal approach followed by radiosurgery for the primary tumor 25 years ago. On magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the tumor extended widely

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Combined petrosal approach for a huge retroclival meningioma preserving the cranial nerves

Dong-Won Shin and Chang-Ki Hong

Transcript This video will demonstrate the microsurgical resection of a huge petroclival meningioma with preservation of the cranial nerves. 0:29 Patient Information. The patient is a 65-year-old female who presented with gait disturbance. 0:35 Physical Examination. Her physical examination revealed right-side hearing loss, but no other neurological symptoms were observed. 0:41 Preoperative Imaging. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated a well-enhanced mass occupying the cavernous sinus with extension to the clivus

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Location-specific technical nuances of spinal meningioma resection: an operative video case series

Wilson A. M. Fisher, Cheerag Upadhyaya, and Michael Galgano

Transcript 0:21 Case 1: Clinical Information, Imaging, and Surgical Plan. This patient is a 60-year-old female presenting with cervical myelopathy. Preoperative imaging reveals a large, calcified mass at the cranial-vertebral junction. 0:32 Preoperative CTA. A preoperative CTA reveals the relationship of the meningioma to the posterior circulation. 0:39 Surgical Plan. Our surgical plan will be detailed in the video to follow. 0:44 Craniectomy and Laminectomy. After standard posterior cervical exposure, we performed a

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Meningioma of posterolateral tentorial incisura: a case demonstration of paramedian supracerebellar transtentorial approach

Abdullah Keles, Burak Ozaydin, and Mustafa K. Baskaya

Transcript 0:23 Case Presentation We present a case of a 62-year-old male with a long history of upper-extremity tremors and walking difficulties. Due to progressive gait problems and frequent falls, he eventually became wheelchair-bound. 0:34 Preoperative Imaging MRI showed a 3 × 2.5–cm tentorial meningioma with supra- and infratentorial extensions. This caused a significant mass effect in the tentorial incisura and midbrain compression. T2-weighted MRI suggested vasogenic edema at the midbrain-tumor interface and hydrocephalus. 0

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Microsurgical resection of foramen magnum meningioma through a transcondylar approach: three-dimensional operative video

Guilherme H. W. Ceccato, Rodolfo F. M. da Rocha, Duarte N. C. Cândido, Wladimir O. Melo, Marcio S. Rassi, and Luis A. B. Borba

Transcript 0:20 Presentation and clinical history This is a three-dimensional operative video of the microsurgical resection of foramen magnum meningioma through a transcondylar approach. The patient was a 38-year-old female presenting a history of neck pain, dysphonia, and a slight XII nerve palsy. 0:35 Preoperative imaging Preoperative MRI demonstrated a well-delimited lesion highly suggestive of foramen magnum meningioma, with significant compression of the neural structures. Comparing pre- and postcontrast T1-weighted image we observe a homogeneous

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Modified Dolenc-Kawase anterior petrous rhomboid approach for petroclival meningioma: surgical nuances and complication avoidance

Ashish Suri, Ravi Sharma, Varidh Katiyar, and Amol Raheja

Transcript In this video, we attempt to highlight surgical nuances in a case of petroclival meningioma operated via modified Dolenc-Kawase (MDK) anterior petrous rhomboid approach. 1–3 This was performed as a single-stage surgery spanning 10 hours. 0:34 Clinical Presentation. A 48-year-old lady presented to us with previous failed attempt at tumor resection via retromastoid approach. On presentation, she had hoarseness of voice and swallowing difficulty since previous failed surgery. On examination, the gag was found to be impaired. There

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Resection of a meningioma, vestibular schwannoma, and placement of auditory brainstem implant using translabyrinthine approach

Nickalus R. Khan, Clifford S. Brown, Simon Angeli, and Jacques J. Morcos

Transcript 0:29 Clinical Presentation and Neurological Examination A 34-year-old female with NF-2 and multiple tumors, losing hearing on the left side that has failed Avastin as well as twice Gamma Knife to the left tumor. 0:43 Preoperative Audiogram Here is the audiogram showing anacusis on the left side. 0:51 Neuroimaging One can appreciate on MRI the multiple meningiomas and the bilateral acoustic neuromas. The lesion of interest is on the left side. 1:12 Rationale for the Procedure The rationale for doing the procedure is the