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Focused ultrasound in neurosurgery: a historical perspective

Maya Harary, David J. Segar, Kevin T. Huang, Ian J. Tafel, Pablo A. Valdes, and G. Rees Cosgrove

57% pain relief at the 3-month and 1-year follow-up, respectively. 34 Trigeminal neuralgia had originally been avoided due to concerns about heating of surrounding sensitive structures. However, in 2013, a cadaveric study demonstrated that with the implementation of “no-pass” regions of the skull base, the trigeminal ganglion could be lesioned without significantly elevating the temperature of surrounding structures. 55 Epilepsy The application of MRgFUS to the treatment of epilepsy has taken 2 approaches: the suppression of epileptic activity and the lesioning of

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Cost-effectiveness development for the postoperative care of craniotomy patients: a safe transitions pathway in neurological surgery

Joseph A. Osorio, Michael M. Safaee, Jennifer Viner, Sujatha Sankaran, Sarah Imershein, Ezekiel Adigun, Gabriela Weigel, Mitchel S. Berger, and Michael W. McDermott

decompressions, microvascular decompressions for trigeminal neuralgia, and surgery for infratentorial tumors and other types of supratentorial tumors. These patients were similarly identified, as our initial population, by looking at trends for postoperative ICU stay and having similar indications for the ICU needs (frequent monitoring). Table 2 shows the STP and expanded diagnoses/procedures that would later be added into the pathway. Table 3 demonstrates cost-reduction estimates based on the mean number of patients included in the STP driven by our retrospective

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Systematic review of health economic studies in cranial neurosurgery

Won Hyung A. Ryu, Michael M. H. Yang, Sandeep Muram, W. Bradley Jacobs, Steven Casha, and Jay Riva-Cambrin

vs standard medical care Unmet Pollock & Ecker, 2005 2000 Trigeminal neuralgia MVD vs glycerol rhizotomy vs SRS Met Porter et al., 1997 1995 Arteriovenous malformation Surgery vs SRS Met Ravikumar et al., 2017 2016 Essential tremor FUS vs SRS vs DBS Met Rudmik et al., 2015 2014 Pituitary adenoma Endoscopic vs microscopic tumor resection Dominant Rutigliano et al., 1995 NR Single brain metastases SRS vs resection vs RT alone Unmet Shireman et al., 2017 2015 Acute ischemic stroke Stent retriever thrombectomy vs standard medical care Dominant Sivakanthan et al., 2014

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High-intensity focused ultrasound: past, present, and future in neurosurgery

Syed A. Quadri, Muhammad Waqas, Inamullah Khan, Muhammad Adnan Khan, Sajid S. Suriya, Mudassir Farooqui, and Brian Fiani

there is a rise in CD3+ and CD4+ subsets and the CD4+/CD8+ ratio in the blood due to the activation of dendritic cells. 40 , 87 HIFU might be an attractive option in situations in which a host’s antitumor immunity needs to be enhanced. A HIFU-induced strong antitumor immune response could help to combat residual tumor cells at the primary lesion site and suppress metastasis. 40 , 87 Future Applications of tcMRgFUS Trigeminal Neuralgia A recent cadaveric model study with real-time MR thermometry and experimentation with thermocouples in a transcranial in vitro setup

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Preliminary experience with a transcranial magnetic resonance–guided focused ultrasound surgery system integrated with a 1.5-T MRI unit in a series of patients with essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease

Domenico Gerardo Iacopino, Cesare Gagliardo, Antonella Giugno, Giuseppe Roberto Giammalva, Alessandro Napoli, Rosario Maugeri, Francesca Graziano, Francesca Valentino, Giuseppe Cosentino, Marco D’Amelio, Tommaso Vincenzo Bartolotta, Carlo Catalano, Brigida Fierro, Massimo Midiri, and Roberto Lagalla

. 50 Several controlling technologies 5 and applicable fields are now arising concerning new therapeutic perspectives of tcMRgFUS, such as neurooncological treatment, 3 , 14 , 43 control of BBB permeability, 9 , 44 , 45 controlled drug diffusion 34 , 37 and antiblastic therapy across the BBB, 2 , 19 , 35 , 43 , 55 subcortical drug-resistant epilepsy, obstructive hydrocephalus and drug-resistant psychiatric disorders, 46 intracranial thrombosis through sonothrombolysis, 25 and trigeminal neuralgia. 47 Despite the obtained results, this clinical series suffers

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Use of ICG videoangiography and FLOW 800 analysis to identify the patient-specific venous circulation and predict the effect of venous sacrifice: a retrospective study of 172 patients

Francesco Acerbi, Ignazio G. Vetrano, Tommaso Sattin, Jacopo Falco, Camilla de Laurentis, Costanza M. Zattra, Lorenzo Bosio, Zefferino Rossini, Morgan Broggi, Marco Schiariti, and Paolo Ferroli

of flow dynamics during indocyanine green video-angiography in the treatment of intracranial dural arteriovenous fistulas: how I do it . Acta Neurochir (Wien) 158 : 1387 – 1391 , 2016 10.1007/s00701-016-2812-6 23 Masuoka J , Matsushima T , Hikita T , Inoue E : Cerebellar swelling after sacrifice of the superior petrosal vein during microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia . J Clin Neurosci 16 : 1342 – 1344 , 2009 19576780 10.1016/j.jocn.2008.12.024 24 Mathiesen T , Pettersson-Segerlind J , Kihlström L , Ulfarsson E