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Long-term follow-up of pediatric head trauma patients treated at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Uganda

Silvia D. Vaca, Linda W. Xu, Juliet Nalwanga, Christine Muhumuza, Benjamin J. Lerman, Joel Kiryabwire, Hussein Ssenyonjo, John Mukasa, Michael Muhumuza, Michael Haglund, and Gerald Grant

cauterization for congenital aqueductal stenosis in African infants . J Neurosurg Pediatr 10 : 108 – 111 , 2012 22747094 10.3171/2012.4.PEDS1253 31 Warf BC , Wright EJ , Kulkarni AV : Factors affecting survival of infants with myelomeningocele in southeastern Uganda . J Neurosurg Pediatr 7 : 127 – 133 , 2011 10.3171/2010.11.PEDS10428 21284456 32 Zhang J , Joshi R , Sun J , Rosenthal SR , Tong M , Li C , : A feasibility study on using smartphones to conduct short-version verbal autopsies in rural China . Popul Health Metr 14 : 31 , 2016

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Critical assessment of pediatric neurosurgery patient/parent educational information obtained via the Internet

Michael Garcia, Christopher Daugherty, Bertha Ben Khallouq, and Todd Maugans

results, nor did the use of a desktop versus a mobile platform. The mobile platform is becoming increasingly relevant, since more searches are now performed on smartphones and tablets than with desktop or laptop computers, and this trend is expected to continue. 11 Our results also appeared to be consistent over time, indicating that the addition of new information and updating of websites was not common. The data presented here suggest that patients and parents should be directed to governmental sites for educational materials. The reading level of material on these

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The 2017 AANS Presidential Address. A world of innovation

Frederick A. Boop

, with Internet access and a smartphone, to review relevant surgical anatomy. They can see how to position their patient, where to make a skin incision, and then watch high-definition surgical videos of experts performing neurosurgical operations. The Rhoton Collection, now available as a cell phone app, is linked to the Journal of Neurosurgery so that by clicking on key words in a Journal of Neurosurgery article, the reader is instantly taken to the Rhoton Collection. There is also now an Instagram version and, thanks to neurosurgeon Jimmy Chuang, we now also have

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Revisiting the rules for freehand ventriculostomy: a virtual reality analysis

Clemens Raabe, Jens Fichtner, Jürgen Beck, Jan Gralla, and Andreas Raabe

, Schaumann A , Ahmadi SA , Ziegler P , Schulz M , : Smartphone-assisted guide for the placement of ventricular catheters . Childs Nerv Syst 29 : 131 – 139 , 2013 23089936 10.1007/s00381-012-1943-1 47 Toma AK , Camp S , Watkins LD , Grieve J , Kitchen ND : External ventricular drain insertion accuracy: is there a need for change in practice? Neurosurgery 65 : 1197 – 1201 , 2009 10.1227/01.NEU.0000356973.39913.0B 48 Wilson TJ , Stetler WR Jr , Al-Holou WN , Sullivan SE : Comparison of the accuracy of ventricular catheter

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The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocol for the surgical management of craniosynostosis: Lausanne experience

Amani Belouaer, Giulia Cossu, Soulayma Al-Tayyari, Adela Bubenikova, Catalina Caliman, Fabio Agri, Maria-Helena Perez, Vivianne Chanez, Yann Boegli, Caroline Mury, Roy Thomas Daniel, and Mahmoud Messerer

hours after surgery. Urinary catheter and subgaleal drains (if present) were withdrawn 24 hours after surgery. All the wounds were left exposed at day 3 after surgery. Hospital discharge was dependent on the type of intervention; patients undergoing endoscopic repair were discharged on the 3rd day, whereas those having open surgery were discharged on day 5. To enable easy-to-use communication and collect health surveys twice per day during the 1st week after discharge, with the aim to detect any complication, a smartphone application was developed (CHUV

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The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocol for the perioperative management of pituitary neuroendocrine tumors/pituitary adenomas

Giulia Cossu, Amani Belouaer, Julie Kloeckner, Catalina Caliman, Fabio Agri, Roy Thomas Daniel, John G. Gaudet, Georgios E. Papadakis, and Mahmoud Messerer

for discharge on day 3. The occurrence of DI did not preclude a hospital discharge at day 3, provided that the patient’s symptoms were controlled with treatment, electrolyte levels were normal, and an early outpatient reassessment after 2–3 days was feasible. Monitoring of pituitary functions continued after discharge from the hospital, with hormone and electrolyte blood tests performed at the outpatient clinic. We created a structure with contact points for patients and families in case of problems after discharge. A smartphone application was used (CHUV@home) to

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Frameless neuronavigation with computer vision and real-time tracking for bedside external ventricular drain placement: a cadaveric study

Faith C. Robertson, Raahil M. Sha, Jose M. Amich, Walid Ibn Essayed, Avinash Lal, Benjamin H. Lee, Paola Calvachi Prieto, Junichi Tokuda, James C. Weaver, Ramez W. Kirollos, Min Wei Chen, and William B. Gormley

Estépar R , Lacson R , Cheung A , Smart Stylet: the development and use of a bedside external ventricular drain image-guidance system . Stereotact Funct Neurosurg . 2015 ; 93 ( 1 ): 50 – 58 . 10.1159/000368906 25662506 17 Scandrett K , Vonhoff C , Dower A , Eftekhar B . App-assisted external ventricular catheter insertion with display casting . Oper Neurosurg . 2018 ; 14 ( 4 ): 461 . 10.1093/ons/opx167 18 Thomale UW , Knitter T , Schaumann A , Ahmadi SA , Ziegler P , Smartphone-assisted guide for the placement of ventricular

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Utility of image-guided external ventriculostomy: analysis of contemporary practice in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Aaron Lawson McLean, Aimun A. B. Jamjoom, Michael T. C. Poon, Difei Wang, Isaac Phang, Mohamed Okasha, Matthew Boissaud-Cooke, Adam P. Williams, and Aminul I. Ahmed

a free-floating position in the CSF in the ipsilateral anterior horn of the lateral ventricle with its tip close to the foramen of Monro, equidistant from the ventricular walls and not in the vicinity of the choroid plexus. 6 , 7 Despite the frequency with which the procedure is performed, there continues to be wide variation in EVD insertion and management practices. Although simulation programs, including devices such as the Ghajar guide and smartphone apps with augmented-reality capabilities, have been developed to train practitioners and facilitate correct

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Interactive microsurgical anatomy education using photogrammetry 3D models and an augmented reality cube

Muhammet Enes Gurses, Nicolas I. Gonzalez-Romo, Yuan Xu, Giancarlo Mignucci-Jiménez, Sahin Hanalioglu, José E. Chang, Habib Rafka, Kerry A. Vaughan, Dilantha B. Ellegala, Michael T. Lawton, and Mark C. Preul

study incorporates photogrammetry techniques and AR technology using an inexpensive educational tool called Merge Cube (Merge Labs Inc.), a lightweight handheld foam cube that, when synchronized with a smart device, allows digital 3D objects to be viewed and manipulated. The cube relies on AR marker-based (i.e., quick response [QR] code) detection technology and allows users to hold and interact with 3D objects. QR codes on each of the 6 sides allow positional display of the 3D model when a side is scanned, such as with a tablet or smartphone. The cube uses tactile

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Ventricular catheter development: past, present, and future

Sofy H. Weisenberg, Stephanie C. TerMaath, Chad E. Seaver, and James A. Killeffer

SA , Ziegler P , Schulz M , : Smartphone-assisted guide for the placement of ventricular catheters . Childs Nerv Syst 29 : 131 – 139 , 2013 10.1007/s00381-012-1943-1 76 Torkildsen A : A follow-up study 14 to 20 years after ventriculocisternostomy . Acta Psychiatr Scand 35 : 113 – 121 , 1960 10.1111/j.1600-0447.1960.tb07596.x 77 Torkildsen A : A new palliative operation in cases of inoperable occlusion of the Sylvian aqueduct . Acta Psychiatr Scand 14 : 221 – 221 , 1939 10.1111/j.1600-0447.1939.tb06636.x 78 Tuli S , O'Hayon B