Usage Reports


To access your JNS COUNTER5 reports, visit the Access Management System:


1. Login with your admin login

First time use:

  • Your e-mail address is your username
  • Create a new password by clicking "Forgot your password?"
  • Follow instructions


2. Navigate to the Reports tab and click the button "COUNTER 5 Reports".


3. To run a COUNTER standard report, select the required report from COUNTER Standard folder on the left sidebar.


4. Then select the required time frame. The buttons from left to right on the date selector are:


  1. view Quarter
  2. view Year
  3. view All
  4. view Custom
  5. Apply Calendar


You must select the arrow icon to apply the dates selected.


5. Use the settings drop down on the right hand side to export the report in csv or TSV formats.


6. To set up SUSHI credentials use the account drop down on the right hand side of the report.


Any questions, please use the Feedback form.