Gillian Shasby, Director of Publications

Mary Beth Yeaton, Director of Finance

Peer Review

  • Margie Shreve, Managing Editor, Neurosurgical Focus and Neurosurgical Focus: Video
  • Sam A. Geouge, Managing Editor, Journal of Neurosurgery, JNS: Spine, JNS: Pediatrics

Manuscript Editing

  • Kenneth B. Fox III, Manager
  • Elizabeth A. Arnold
  • Christopher Gavin
  • Donna M. Goodrich
  • Kate Mason
  • Linda G. Sherman

Copy Editing

  • Jennifer S. Wathen, Manager
  • Sheyanne L. Armstrong
  • Michael B. Baruzzini

Print & Digital Production

  • Jennifer K. John, Director, Journals Production
  • Sherrie Miller
  • Paul Pugh
  • Laura O. Sutherland

Digital Content Manager

  • Ben Jipson


  • Dorothy Turner, Manager


  • Jo Ann Eliason, Manager

IT Systems & Services

  • James Dell, Manager