Institutional Site License Information

Institutional subscriptions are provided via online-only single- and multi-site licenses.

For inquiries, please email

or contact your subscription agency, and provide the number of sites and the number of full-time employees (e.g. physicians, residents, researchers) at each site. A site license retains permanent access to the year of subscription. All Institutional subscriptions are based on the calendar year and run from January 1–December 31. All 3 print journals publish monthly.

Print is unbundled from online. One print copy may be added to a site license order for $500 USD AT THE TIME OF ORDER; later requests to add print will incur an additional fee of $1098.00. 

As part of your subscription, a signed and completed site license agreement must be received along with payment. If you elect not to subscribe through our website, a printable PDF version of the agreement is available HERE.

**Notice: Full payment of the Institutional Subscription fee(s) indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in the JNSPG site license agreement.
Requests for refunds/cancellations of site licenses will only be accepted through March 31st of the current subscription year. Late orders placed after March 31st for the current subscription year will have 90 days from payment date to request refund/cancellation. Back issue shipping fees are non-refundable.