Remote Access

Remote Access for Institutional Library Patrons

We realize that not every institution has the infrastructure in place to offer remote access to licensed JNS journal content. Given the present need for researchers to work from home, here is a set of instructions for institutional site administrators and patrons to generate Access Tokens:


Step I: Gain access to your account in the JNS AMS (Account Management System)

  1. Login to your Admin account at If you have not previously activated a site admin account, please write to for help.
  2. From the Dashboard, choose your organization’s account. Go to the “Details” tab.
  3. Copy your account name and AMS number (to the left of “[ORGANIZATION]”
  4. Email to request “Access Tokens” for your remote users unable to otherwise connect to your institutional subscription. Make sure to include the name and AMS number copied in stage 3. The default is to send the admin 10 access tokens, but you may request more. The number of tokens can be increased or reduced at any time.


Step II: Using the access tokens


  1. Your request will be acted upon as expediently as possible. You will receive a reply email with a spreadsheet attachment containing a list of access tokens specific to your organization.
  2. Each user/individual requiring remote access to your subscription should be issued 1 token from the list. It must not be shared with other individuals or used with multiple user accounts.
  3. Direct the user/individual to follow the instructions for the Remote Patron below.


The added member will now have access to the institution’s licenses without any access to the institution’s corporate account. This access will work on both computers and mobile devices.

**Added members can be removed at any time. Click the “Remove” link to the right of the added member’s listing on the “Members” tab in your AMS account.**



  1. You must have an active JNS User Account.
    1. To create a new JNS registered user account: go to, and complete the registration and email verification process.
    2. To reactivate an existing account: Go to and follow the instructions to regain access. (Note: Your username is usually your email address.
  2. Notify your institutional electronic resources librarian to request access to the organizational subscription. Include your full name, JNS Username, and email address in the request.
  3. Your institution will provide you with an “Access Token.” Once added, this token will pair your user account with the institutional subscription.
  4. To add ACCESS TOKEN:
    1. Go to: and click on SIGN IN.
    2. Once logged in, enter the token (code) sent by your institution.
    3. Start using your access.


The JNS will continue to publish online despite the recent health emergency. To receive new content, or new issue alerts, make sure to sign up with your JNS User account.

To subscribe to Issue and Ahead of Print table of contents (TOC) alerts, follow these easy steps:

1) LOGIN: Go to if you already have an account, and if you need to create an account.

2) Go to any page of the journal(s) you want to receive alerts from. You will need to individually sign up for each set of alerts.

3) Look in the RIGHT hand column for the “New Issue Alerts” and “Publish Before Print Alerts” buttons.

4) Click on the desired alert button and confirm your choice.

You may un-subscribe from any alert at any time by going to the “My Alerts” tab in your user account and deleting the undesired choice.

Need help? Write to