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Frequently Asked Questions

How do institutional subscribers get access to content?

  • Institutional subscribers will access the content using IP authorization via the IPs that are defined for the account in the Access Management System (AMS).

How do I log in to the administrative account?

  • Please go to: to login to the Access Management System (AMS). If you have not yet been provided these credentials, please contact

What information is available on the Access Management System (AMS)?

  • IP addresses
  • Subscriptions
  • Contact Information
  • COUNTER Reports
  • An option to update OpenURL details

Following activation of new accounts,  Librarians will receive an email with details for administrative access to the Access Management System, through which they can download COUNTER reports and manage account details including IP addresses for content access. If you are an account administrator and have not yet been provided the details for creating and logging into this account, please contact

Following receipt of the email, all administrators should:

  • Verify your library administration account information. Check your IPs and identify your proxy IP address, contact information, username, and email address.
  • Verify your access to purchased entitlements. Institutional users will be authenticated via IPs set by your library Administrator.

How do I know if my institution has access to an article?

The JNS online platform uses a color-coded padlock icon to indicate what access you have:

  • Green: indicates user-accessible content; content that you/your institution have access to. This could include content which is free or has been made available temporarily for promotional purpose.
  • Red: indicates restricted access; you do not have access to this content. To subscribe to this content, please contact

Who can I contact for any access issues?

You can contact us on if you have any questions about the content hosted on

Is post-cancellation (perpetual) access available?

  • Yes, JNS provides post-cancellation (perpetual) access for institutional subscribers to issues of the journal published during the term of the subscription. You may always elect to access post-cancellation content through any of our archival partners.


How do I renew or place an order for the 2019 subscription year?

You can order through your subscription agent, or directly by contacting our subscriptions department:

Journal of Neurosurgery
Attn. Subscriptions Dept.
1 Morton Dr, Suite 200
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Tel. 434-982-1684
Fax 434-982-1678