Guidelines for Supplemental Data

The Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group (JNSPG) allows authors to submit content to be published online only with their article. This content is published at the discretion of the JNSPG and will not undergo the standard editing/copyediting process. Authors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and correct format of the supplemental data, as well as proper spelling and grammar.

Acceptable file types are:

  • Microsoft Word docs (preferred)
  • PDFs
  • Microsoft Excel files

Supplemental data files should be labeled in a manner that makes it clear to the reader that the content is available separately from the published article.

Examples are:

  • Supplemental Table 1
  • Supplementary Fig. 1
  • Online Appendix
  • Supplementary Data

Supplemental tables and figures should include brief descriptive legends within the file. If the legends cannot be added to the file(s), a separate Microsoft Word file with all of the supplemental legends should be provided. Callouts in text are not required but, if they are present, they should match the supplemental content labels for consistency and clarity.

Checklists, surveys, questionnaires, any required data collection documents, and supplemental method sections are also acceptable for supplemental content. If any of the material is copyrighted and/or has been published previously, standard permission rules apply. Proper permission credit should be included in legends.

Supplemental content, including legends, should NOT be included in the manuscript file.

Any reference citations that appear in the supplemental data require a separate References section to be included in the supplemental file. These references should be numbered consecutively, starting with “1.” AMA reference formatting should be adhered to.

Please note: There is a $125 flat fee for publishing supplemental data.