Neurosurgical Focus Call for Videos


2020 Video Issues


January 2020

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2019

Topic: Spinal deformity surgery

Editors: Justin Smith (lead), Chris Shaffrey, Michael Wang, Mohamad Bydon, Lawrence Lenke

Description: Spinal deformity includes a broad range of pathologies and has impact across the continuum of life, from early-onset scoliosis in a young child, to degenerative scoliosis with sagittal malalignment in the elderly. How these patients are managed clinically and surgically has advanced remarkably over recent decades, but the field remains in evolution. Surgical treatments are often complex, include techniques that are challenging, and continue to have relatively high complication rates. This video issue aims to provide a series of videos that illustrates a variety of spinal deformity treatment techniques and complication prevention strategies. Video submissions may address deformities of any region of the spine in any age group, and are encouraged to include complex techniques and challenging situations, novel approaches and nuances, and strategies to reduce complications.


April 2020

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2019

Topic: Endoscopic skull base surgery

Editors: Juan Fernandez-Miranda (lead), James Evans, Paul Gardner, Carl Snyderman