JNS: Case Lessons Information For Authors

Overview, Aim, and Scope

This rapid-publication, open-access, online-only journal aims to provide a high-profile platform for neurosurgical case reports and limited case series. These papers can serve to expose readers to new diseases, surprising complications, or novel treatments. When added together, these reports contribute to the neurosurgical literature by incrementally building new information, creating a database of observations and experiences, that when pooled, can provide a higher level of evidence.

JNS: Case Lessons is indexed in PubMed Central and Scopus. We are currently in the application process for PubMed.

Online ISSN: 2694-1902

For questions or assistance with submission, please email the JNSPG Peer Review Team.

Any manuscript that does not meet formatting requirements will be returned for correction before peer review.

Please note that all submissions are screened through iThenticate Plagiarism Prevention software.

Instructions & Forms 

Peer Review Process

Peer review is single-blind and simultaneous. Papers are assigned to a minimum of 2 reviewers. Reviews are performed by members of the journal’s Editorial Board with a small group of ad hoc reviewers providing input on an as-needed basis. The Associate Editor reviews all manuscript submissions. In conjunction with the Associate Editor, the Editor-in-Chief reviews all manuscripts and reviewers’ comments before making a final decision. Papers that have been rejected from JNS: Case Lessons will not be considered for publication in any other JNSPG journal.

In accordance with ICMJE recommendations the journal requires editorial board members to recuse themselves from the review process if they hold conflicts of interest or relationships that pose potential conflicts related to any articles under their direct consideration. For more information, please visit the ICMJE’s position on the reporting of conflicts of interest.

Manuscript Content and Formatting

The Case Lessons format is focused, concise, data driven, and strictly structured (please use our Manuscript Template). Submissions should focus on the lesson that the observation or experience provides to the reader. As a part of manuscript submission, authors are required to complete and upload the New Submission Checklist. The Revision Checklist must be completed and uploaded when submitting revisions.

For specific information regarding requirements for your manuscript type, please refer to the Case Lessons entry on the Manuscript Types and Limits Policy.

When preparing their manuscript, authors should follow reporting requirements specific to their subject matter. These guidelines can be accessed via the EQUATOR Network website. At the time of submission, authors must submit the appropriate checklist with their paper.

Open Access/Fees

JNS: Case Lessons is online-only, open-access journal that is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license (see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/). The fee to publish is $1100 ($900 if the corresponding author is an AANS member). Authors agree to payment at submission, and an invoice will be sent following acceptance. Payment is required before active production can begin.

Authors are free to deposit a copy of their paper to an institutional or other repository. We recommend and prefer the final published PDF be used to avoid the existence of multiple versions.

Other possible fees:

Supplemental Data Publication Fee: $125
Errata Processing Fee: $100 per affected page