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July 2021

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2021

Topic: Pineal region tumors

Editors: Fredrick Boop (lead), Jeff Bruce, David Daniels, Ugur Ture

Description: Given the complexity and diversity of pathologies encountered in the pineal region, the diagnosis and management of these tumors has been historically challenging. Current advances in neuro-imaging, endoscopic and microsurgical techniques, as well as advances in adjuvant therapies, have led to rapid evolution in our approaches to pathologies of the pineal region in both children and adults. The video submissions in this issue will hopefully advance the decision making for both new and experienced neurosurgeons. Video submissions should highlight various microneurosurgical, endoscopic and stereotactic techniques in approaching these tumors as well as defining the advantages and limitations of each approach.


October 2021

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2021

Topic: Vestibular schwannoma surgery

Editors: Michael Link (lead), Isaac Yang, Fred Barker, Amir Samii

Description: The management of vestibular schwannoma (VS) has been one of the most challenging and controversial topics in Neurosurgery. This video issue is dedicated to the surgical treatment of VS.  We are asking for video submissions that demonstrate surgical techniques and can be from any of the surgical approaches (middle fossa, retrosigmoid, translabyrinthine , transotic, etc.). We are particularly interested in videos that highlight some of the technical nuances or demonstrate how to deal with particularly challenging VS. Special consideration will be given to videos that demonstrate management and/or avoidance of intraoperative complications. 



Upcoming Issues (no longer accepting submissions)


April 2021

Topic: Craniosynostosis

Editors: Mark Proctor (lead), Cormac Maher, Matthew Smyth, Federico di Rocco, Craig Birgfeld

Description: The field of craniosynostosis has evolved substantially over the past two decades, with both modifications to open techniques and new endoscopic techniques transforming the care of children with this disorder. This video issue will highlight these techniques for both new and experienced surgeons. We would especially be interested in videos that highlight endoscopic techniques, as well as the use of springs, helmets and distractors as adjuvant tools for the correction of the skull shape. Traditional open techniques have been well described in the past, but these would also be acceptable options, especially if they highlight novel areas.