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For information on permission to republish, photocopy, or translate content from an article published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine, Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, or Neurosurgical Focus, please complete the four-part form below.

Upon receipt of your completed form, your request will be reviewed, we will confirm that we are the rightsholder for the material you want, and you will receive a permission document outlining the fees and conditions under which permission may be granted. Individual authors need not be contacted except out of courtesy.

All permission requests should first be directed to the Journal of Neurosurgery at (via this form); we will clear the rights and forward your request to our agent, Rockwater, Inc. Questions about permission requests previously submitted should be directed to Beth Ann Rocheleau at Rockwater, Inc. at Rockwater is our authorized permissions agent and fees should be made payable to Rockwater, Inc. on our behalf.

1. Party Seeking Permission

Original Author Seeking Permission to Use Content in an AANS Publication

Original Author Seeking Permission to Use Content in non-AANS Publication
Authors seeking permission to republish in a noncommercial, nonprofit, educational or academic work UNLESS any commercial benefit or potential commercial benefit will be derived from the new work. If any commercial benefit is anticipated or planned then the commercial permission fee(s) will apply.

Commercial Permission
Commercial party, author, permissions editor or other party seeking permission on behalf of any commercial party.

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Permissions are extended only for the first edition. Subsequent editions will require a new permission. Non-exclusive rights to use AANS content are not granted.

In the box below, please include any other Notes or Comments you think may be helpful for our review. If an author of the new work received/receives reportable support from a pharmaceutical or medical device company for this work, please identify that company here.


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