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Whiting, B. B.1,2MD, Lee, B. S.1,2MD, Mahadev, V.3BS, Borghei-Razavi, H.4MD, PhD, Ahuja, S.5MD, Jia, X.6MS, Mohammadi, A. M.1,2,4MD, Barnett, G. H.1,2,4MD, Angelov, L.1,2,4MD, Rajan, S.5MD, Avitsian, R.5MD, & Vogelbaum, M. A.1,2,4MD, PhD. (2019). Combined use of minimal access craniotomy, intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging, and awake functional mapping for the resection of gliomas in 61 patients, Journal of Neurosurgery JNS, , 1-9. Retrieved Jul 22, 2019, from