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Shuto, T.1MD, Akabane, A.2MD, Yamamoto, M.3MD, Serizawa, T.4MD, Higuchi, Y.5MD, Sato, Y.6PhD, Kawagishi, J.7MD, Yamanaka, K.8MD, Jokura, H.7MD, Yomo, S.9MD, Nagano, O.10MD, & Aoyama, H.11MD. (2018). Multiinstitutional prospective observational study of stereotactic radiosurgery for patients with multiple brain metastases from non–small cell lung cancer (JLGK0901 study–NSCLC), Journal of Neurosurgery JNS, 129(Suppl1), 86-94. Retrieved May 24, 2019, from