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Chronic subdural hematoma associated with type II and type III Galassi arachnoid cysts: illustrative cases

Bac Thanh Nguyen, Van Dinh Tran, Jehan Bista, and Trung Van Trinh

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Delayed neurological improvement in a patient with Duret hemorrhage secondary to an acute subdural hematoma: illustrative case

Youngkyung Jung, Yosef Ellenbogen, and Farhad Pirouzmand

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Vacuum-assisted scalp repositioning: a novel temporizing approach to acute sinking skin flap syndrome. Illustrative cases

Evan Courville, Joshua Marquez, Michael Homma, Michael Conley, Georgios P Skandalakis, Peter Shin, James Botros, and Christian Ricks

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Can we build better? Challenges with geospatial and financial accessibility in the Caribbean. Illustrative case

Ellianne J dos Santos Rubio, Chrystal Calderon, Annegien Boeykens, and Kee B Park

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Delayed presentation of traumatic supra- and infratentorial extradural hematoma: illustrative case

Sami Pathak, Danielle McAuliffe, Robert Ziechmann, Rohan Gupta, and Philip Villanueva

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Severe hyperglycorrhachia and status epilepticus after endoscopic aqueductoplasty: illustrative case

Anand A. Dharia, Ahmad Masri, Jay F. Rilinger, and Christian B. Kaufman

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Ocular needlefish injury with cavernous sinus thrombosis and carotid-cavernous fistula: illustrative case

Anahita Malvea, Armaan K. Malhotra, Ann Schmitz, Whitney Parker, Leeor Yefet, Prakash Muthusami, James T. Rutka, and Peter Dirks

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Cerebrospinal fluid fistula as a complication of reverse transcriptase–polymerase chain reaction collection for the detection of coronavirus disease 2019: illustrative cases

Lucca B. Palavani, Camila V. F. Andrade, Renato A. Andrade, Egmond Alves, Marcio Falchi Barros, and João F. Barbieri

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Occult pediatric skull fracture and implications for delay in diagnosis: illustrative case

Maxwell Gruber, Nate Klingele, Christy Monson, and Eric A. Sribnick

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Transorbital penetrating head injury with a favorable outcome: illustrative case

Laura-Nanna Lohkamp, Stephanie Holowka, Elysa Widjaja, Arbelle Manicat-Emo, and James T. Rutka