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Successful treatment of unilateral facial nerve palsy in a pediatric patient with syringobulbia and Chiari malformation type I: illustrative case

Daniel Sherlock, Nolan J Brown, Alvin Y Chan, Jessica K Campos, and Joffre Olaya

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Protracted respiratory failure in a case of global spinal syringomyelia and Chiari malformation following administration of diazepam: illustrative case

Luke Bauerle, Brandon Rogowski, Aakash Shingala, Habib Emil Rafka, Timothy Webb, Brian F Saway, Edward F Kilb, Julio A Chalela, and Nathan C Rowland

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A multilevel posterior tension band–sparing laminectomy for intraspinal lesions: patient series

Ignacio J Barrenechea, Luis Márquez, Sabrina Miralles, Héctor P Rojas, Julián Pastore, Pablo Vincenti, and Telmo Nicola

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Single-level ossified ligamentum flavum causing a holocord syrinx: illustrative case

Prashant Punia, Ashish Chugh, Sarang Gotecha, and Apurva Lachake

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Symptomatic thoracic epidural lipomatosis with syringomyelia: illustrative case

Lukasz Przepiorka, Katarzyna Wójtowicz, and Przemysław Kunert

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Spontaneous improvement in syringomyelia in a patient with Chiari 1 malformation: illustrative case

Oyku Ozturk, Emetullah Cındıl, Hakan Emmez, Pelin Kuzucu, and Emrah Celtıkcı

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Coexisting ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament, intramedullary hemangioblastoma, and syringomyelia of the cervical spine: illustrative case

Chi-Ruei Li, Cheng-Ying Lee, Wen-Yu Cheng, Hsin-Ni Li, Chih-Hsiang Liao, and Chiung-Chyi Shen

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Spinal cord stimulator for the treatment of central neuropathic pain secondary to cervical syringomyelia: illustrative case

Bryan A. Schatmeyer, Rakan Dodin, Michael Kinsman, and David Garcia

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Cervical cerebrospinal fluid venous fistula with syringomyelia treated with suboccipital decompression: illustrative case

Chia-Jung Hsieh, Lu-Ting Kuo, Dar-Ming Lai, and Abel Po-Hao Huang

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Management of failed Chiari decompression and intrasyringeal hemorrhage in Noonan syndrome: illustrative cases

Cody J. Falls, Paul S. Page, Garret P. Greeneway, Daniel K. Resnick, and James A. Stadler III