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Intraoperative application of indocyanine green and temporary venous occlusion test to assess collateral flow during microvascular decompression for venous-related trigeminal neuralgia: illustrative case

Kentaro Fujimoto, Yosuke Akamatsu, Yasumasa Nishikawa, and Kuniaki Ogasawara

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Neurocysticercosis of the third ventricle: illustrative case

John Choi, Grace Cullen, Dawn Darbonne, Dennis Adams, Christina Coyle, Joseph Cooper, and Harminder Singh

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Successful resection of bilateral parafalcine meningioma with unilateral interhemispheric and contralateral transfalcine approach under nonintubated spontaneous breathing conditions: illustrative case

Seiichiro Hirono, Keisuke Kawano, Masato Ito, Kana Saito, Taiichiro Hayashida, and Yoshinori Higuchi

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Cervicothoracic ventral-dorsal rhizotomy for bilateral upper-extremity hypertonia in cerebral palsy: illustrative case

Ryan Kelly, Hanna R Kemeny, Sunny Abdelmageed, Robin Trierweiler, Tim Krater, Melissa A LoPresti, and Jeffrey S Raskin

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Posterior-only 2-level vertebrectomy and fusion in a medically complex patient with lumbar metastasis: illustrative case

Ryan Johnson, Annabelle Shaffer, Ashley Tang, Kathryn Tsai, Gina Guglielmi, and Paul M Arnold

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Adhesive arachnoiditis, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and intradural extramedullary thoracic cavernoma: illustrative case

Agne Andriuskeviciute, Michel Gustavo Mondragón-Soto, Nicolas Penet, and Juan Barges-Coll

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Immunocompetent isolated cerebral mucormycosis presenting with obstructive hydrocephalus: illustrative case

Khoa N Nguyen, Lindsey M Freeman, Timothy H Ung, Steven Ojemann, and Fabio Grassia

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Impact of intraoperative cortical indocyanine green extravasation on local vasogenic edema immediately after direct revascularization in an adult with moyamoya disease: illustrative case

Maeho Yamasaki, Masaki Ito, Haruto Uchino, Taku Sugiyama, and Miki Fujimura

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Optimization of direct cortical stimulation using tibial versus median nerve sensory mapping during midline brain tumor resection: illustrative case

Denmark Mugutso, Charles Warnecke, Lee Eric Tessler, Christopher J Pace, and Marat V Avshalumov

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Electric burn of the skull: treatment by applying trepanations and wound dressing. Illustrative case

Sergio M Georgeto, Marcio F Lehmann, Adriano T Antonucci, Marcel Schiavini, Shiro M. A Shimoakoishi, Anibal R Neto, Lutero C. M Santos, Dalmo G Correia, Murilo Scapin, and Eloah S Marcilio