Vestibular Schwannoma

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Delayed symptomatic cerebral vasospasm following vestibular schwannoma resection: illustrative case

Paurush Pasricha, Alay V Khandhar, and Basant K Misra

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Management of a challenging dura-embedded anterior inferior cerebellar artery loop during a retrosigmoid hearing-preserving vestibular schwannoma resection: microsurgical technique and operative video. Illustrative case

Jaime L. Martínez Santos, Robert C. Sterner, and Mustafa K. Başkaya

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Ondine’s curse: clinical presentation with diaphragmatic pacing and spontaneous respiratory recovery. Illustrative case

Alexander J. Schupper, Alex Devarajan, Dong-Seok Lee, Enrique Perez, and Raj K. Shrivastava

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Delayed motor weakness following peripheral nerve schwannoma resection: illustrative cases

Rohin Singh and Robert J. Spinner

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Pial brainstem artery arteriovenous malformation with flow-related intracanalicular aneurysm masquerading as vestibular schwannoma: illustrative case

David D. Liu, David B. Kurland, Aryan Ali, John G. Golfinos, Erez Nossek, and Howard A. Riina

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Herpes simplex meningitis after vestibular schwannoma surgery: illustrative case

Leonidas Trakolis, Georgios Naros, Vassilios Vougioukas, and Marcos Tatagiba