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Index-level fusion and adjacent segment disease following dynamic stabilization for lumbar degenerative disc disease: illustrative case

Kathleen R Ran, Tej D Azad, Bhavya Pahwa, Lydia J Bernhardt, and Ali Bydon

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Incidental durotomy resulting in a postoperative lumbosacral nerve root with eventration into the adjacent facet joint: illustrative cases

Michael J Kelly, Franziska C. S Altorfer, Marco D Burkhard, Russel C Huang, Frank P Cammisa Jr., and J. Levi Chazen

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Oblique anterior column realignment with a mini-open posterior column osteotomy for minimally invasive adult spinal deformity correction: illustrative case

Zach Pennington, Nolan J Brown, Seyedamirhossein Pishva, Hernán F. J González, and Martin H Pham

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Extradural lumbar arteriovenous fistula imitating a synovial cyst: illustrative case

Leonidas Trakolis, Georgios Moutsianos, Viktoras Gourvas, and Athanasios Petridis

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Bilateral L5 pedicle fracture with L5–S1 spondylolisthesis after single-level L4–5 posterior lumbar interbody fusion: illustrative case

Toshiyuki Kitaori, Masato Ota, and Jiro Tamura

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Traumatic bilateral lumbosacral facet dislocation without fracture: illustrative case

Jose Castillo, Khadija Soufi, Freddie Rodriguez, and Julius O. Ebinu

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Contralateral lower limb radiculopathy by extraforaminal disc herniation following oblique lumbar interbody fusion in degenerative lumbar disorder: illustrative cases

Satoshi Hattori and Toru Maeda

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Robotics planning in minimally invasive surgery for adult degenerative scoliosis: illustrative case

Zach Pennington, Nolan J. Brown, Saif Quadri, Seyedamirhossein Pishva, Cathleen C. Kuo, and Martin H. Pham

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Lumbar pedicle screw pseudoarthrosis salvage technique with moldable, bioabsorbable, calcium phosphate–based putty: illustrative case

Nathan Esplin, Shahed Elhamdani, Seung W. Jeong, Michael Moran, Brandon Rogowski, and Jonathan Pace

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Utilization of lateral anterior lumbar interbody fusion for revision of failed prior TLIF: illustrative case

Ghani Haider, Katherine E. Wagner, Venita Chandra, Ivan Cheng, Martin N. Stienen, and Anand Veeravagu