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Mycobacterium xenopi vertebral osteomyelitis in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus: illustrative case

Ryan Kelly, Josha Woodward, Jacob B Gerzenshtein, Mariam Aziz, and John E O’Toole

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Combined endoscopic and microsurgical approach for the drainage of a multisegmental thoracolumbar epidural abscess: illustrative case

Vincent Hagel, Felix Dymel, Stephan Werle, Vera Barrera, and Mazda Farshad

Open access

Pyogenic spinal infections in patients with chronic liver disease: illustrative case and systematic review

Gaston Camino-Willhuber, Ryan S. Beyer, Matthew J. Hatter, Austin J. Franklin, Nolan J. Brown, Sohaib Hashmi, Michael Oh, Nitin Bhatia, and Yu-po Lee

Open access

Primary spinal infections in patients with solid organ transplant: a systematic literature review and illustrative case

Matthew J. Hatter, Ryan S. Beyer, Gaston Camino-Willhuber, Austin Franklin, Nolan J. Brown, Sohaib Hashmi, Michael Oh, Nitin Bhatia, and Yu-Po Lee

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Utilization of anterior lumbar interbody fusion for severe kyphotic deformity secondary to Pott’s disease: illustrative case

Gabrielle Luiselli, Rrita Daci, Peter Cruz-Gordillo, Ashwin Panda, Omar Sorour, and Justin Slavin

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A minimally invasive lateral approach with CT navigation for open biopsy and diagnosis of Nocardia nova L4–5 discitis osteomyelitis: illustrative case

Bryan Zheng, Hael Abdulrazeq, Owen P. Leary, Ziya L. Gokaslan, Adetokunbo A. Oyelese, Jared S. Fridley, and Joaquin Q. Camara-Quintana

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An unusual case of a persistent, infected retroperitoneal fluid collection 5 years after anterior lumbar fusion surgery: illustrative case

Matthew T. Neal, Kara L. Curley, Alexandra E. Richards, Maziyar A. Kalani, Mark K. Lyons, and Victor J. Davila