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Thoracic spinal cord injury after surgical removal of a ruptured cerebellar arteriovenous malformation in a patient in the Concorde position: illustrative case

Kohei Ishikawa, Hideki Endo, Yasufumi Ohtake, Toshiichi Watanabe, and Hirohiko Nakamura

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Combined endoscopic and microsurgical approach for the drainage of a multisegmental thoracolumbar epidural abscess: illustrative case

Vincent Hagel, Felix Dymel, Stephan Werle, Vera Barrera, and Mazda Farshad

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Multidisciplinary management of thoracic esophageal fistula secondary to traumatic upper thoracic fracture (T3–4) with associated discitis/osteomyelitis and spinal epidural abscess: illustrative case

Peter Schaible, Paul Gordon, Ramasamy Kalimuthu, Ellen Omi, and Keith Schaible

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Direct withdrawal of a retained foreign body bisecting the thoracic spinal canal in a neurologically intact pediatric patient: illustrative case

David R. Peters, Trent VanHorn, Brandon Karimian, Benjamin Pruden, Scott D. Wait, Roy T. Daniel, and Constantin Tuleasca

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Spinal epidural tuberculoma with osseous involvement: illustrative case

Hershel W. Cannon, Michael Weaver, Anand Kaul, and Ahmed Lazim

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Double-level noncontiguous thoracic Chance fractures treated with percutaneous stabilization: illustrative case

Matthew H. MacLennan, Dana El-Mughayyar, and Najmedden Attabib

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Traumatic rupture of thoracic epidural capillary hemangioma resulting in acute neurologic deficit: illustrative case

Reilly L. Kidwell, Lauren E. Stone, Vanessa Goodwill, and Joseph D. Ciacci

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Management of thoracic spinal cord injury in a professional American football athlete: illustrative case

Joseph C. Maroon, Andrew Faramand, Nitin Agarwal, Amanda L. Harrington, Vikas Agarwal, John Norwig, and David O. Okonkwo

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Delayed-onset white cord syndrome after anterior and posterior cervical decompression surgery for symptomatic ossification of spinal ligaments: illustrative cases

Ranjit D. Singh, Mark P. Arts, and Godard C. W. de Ruiter