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Feasibility of targeting the cingulate gyrus using high-intensity focused ultrasound on a cadaveric specimen: illustrative case

Francesco Sammartino, James Mossner, Hunter Stecko, Nihaal Reddy, and Brian Dalm

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Splenic rupture following prone lateral discectomy and arthrodesis: illustrative case

Alexandra Echevarria, Benjamin Hershfeld, Emily Arciero, and Rohit Verma

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Endoscopic endonasal optic nerve decompression in children younger than 2 years old with congenital optic canal stenosis: illustrative cases

Peter H Yang, John S Schneider, Michael R Chicoine, Albert H Kim, and David D Limbrick Jr

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Facilitating complete resection of intrinsic motor cortex glioma with titration of high-frequency cortico-subcortical mapping train count informed by navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation: illustrative case

Ryan P Hamer and Adrian J Praeger

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Surgical cavity dilatation after resection of IDH-mutated astrocytoma of the mesial temporal lobe: illustrative cases

Yohan Caudron, Juan Martino, Sébastien Froelich, and Emmanuel Mandonnet

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Surgical treatment of torticollis secondary to the presence of a congenital paracondylar process: illustrative case

Grace Hey, Otavio De Toledo, Salvador Gutierrez-Aguirre, Steven Andreoli, Pushpak Patel, Alyssa Tamasi, Asmaa Hatem, and Philipp Aldana

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Wartime penetrating skull base trauma with unpredictable internal fragment ricochet and migration: illustrative case

Andrii Sirko, Alex Valadka, Rocco Armonda, Anthony J Dragun, and Yurii Cherednychenko

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Successful detection of multiple communicating holes in multiple spinal extradural arachnoid cysts by using time-spatial labeling inversion pulse magnetic resonance imaging: illustrative case

Yusuke Kagei, Tatsuya Ishibe, Yusuke Kanba, and Masashi Tanaka

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Which is a more appropriate recipient for posterior circulation bypass surgery: V3 or V2? Differences in underlying disease and lesion sites between extracranial vertebral artery dissection and atherosclerotic changes. Illustrative cases

Shinjitsu Nishimura, Makoto Saito, Sumito Okuyama, Keiichi Kubota, Junko Matsuyama, Atsuhito Takemura, Tadao Matsushima, and Kazuo Watanabe

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Contralateral interhemispheric transcallosal transchoroidal approach to a thalamic glioma: illustrative case

Sayedali Ahmadi, Vrun J Mistry, and Basant Kumar Misra